10 AI generated images of a metro train in India

AI-generated images of metro train in India gives goosebumps to many. Artificial intelligence (AI) gives new dimensions to human thinking. With this new technology, we are producing more unique things. There are many AI software available in the market. The AI-generated images are the talk of the town today. With the help of artificial intelligence, many excellent photos were generated. Some of them have become viral on social media. Here is the viral post of Metro trains in India.

Recently a Facebook page “Incredible Asia” shared AI-generated images of metro trains in different cities in India.

AI-generated images of different metro trains

Here are the images of 10 different Metro trains from 10 different cities in India. Every train show depicts a picture of that state.

AI-Generated images of the Uttar Pradesh Metro

The Artificial intelligence-generated images shows of Uttar Pradesh show a few people traveling with a gun in their hands. Uttar Pradesh is famous for crime. All the images are shared by a Facebook Page called Incredible Asia.

AI Genrated images of Kota Metro

Kota City in Rajasthan is famous for coaching institutes. Every year thousands of students come to Kota the prepare for IIT, Medical, and more. A web series called Kota Factory was also made on Kota. The AI-generated image of the Kota Metro train shows that only students are traveling in the Metro. This is pure imagination. A lot of young students commit suicide in Kota every year.

Artificial Intelligence generated images of Hyderabad Metro

Hyderabad is famous for its “Biryani”. AI image of Hyderabad Metro Train shows a big tub of Biryani with many people traveling in Metro.

AI-generated Images of Haryana Metro

In AI gen Haryana Metro trains a lot of people travel with the bamboo stick in their hands called “Lath”. Haryana is known for its bravery and power. People are ready to fight for small things.

AI Gen images of Kolkatta Metro

People are selling and purchasing fish in Kolkatta Metro. Kolkatta people love fish and dishes made with fish. AI images look like a fish market on a Metro train.

AI-generated Images of the Mumbai Metro

“Wada Paw” is the famous food of Mumbai and Maharastra. It’s cheap and can fill the tummy easily. Sachin Tendulkar’s favorite street food is “Wada paw”. In the AI-generated image of the Mumbai Metro “Wada Paw” is selling inside the train.

AI-generated images of the Delhi Metro

A lot of videos and pictures are going viral of Delhi Metro. Especially the intimate and romantic pic of young couples. Delhi Metro has become a place for young lovers. Many videos of kissing and smoothing are viral. Now girls and boys of Delhi are not shy to do it in Delhi Metro. The AI image of the Delhi Metro is also based on that. A young couple are kissing each other while other are watching it. So just take a ticket for the Metro and enjoy the ride of the Delhi Metro.

AI images of the Rajasthan Metro train

The AI image of the Rajasthan metro is looking very funny. Rajasthan is known for its desert and camel. In the AI gen image, we can see that camels are traveling in a metro with humans.

AI gen image Chhattishgarh Metro train

Chhattishgarh is a Naxal-affected state in India. In the AI image of the Chhattishgarh Metro, we can see the troops traveling in the Metro.

AI Image of Bihar Metro

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