12th Fail Movie: Restart if you failed in your life

Watch the 12th Fail movie if you ever fail in your life. One of the best motivational movies released in the year 2023. 12th Fail currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar ott. The best thing you can learn from the film is to “Restart”. The slogan of the movie is “Haar Nahi Manuga”. The movie has got IDMb rating of 9.2, which is the very best.

12th Fail Movie story

The movie is inspired by the true story of a poor guy Manoj Kumar Sharma from a village. Who is up against all the odds to become an IPS topper? He failed in the 12th class. He is from a Hindi Medium school. He works as a toilet cleaner. He works in a flour mill. But he never quit. Vikrant Massey does great acting in the film. Medha Shankar and Joshi Anantvijay support very well. The movie is again a masterclass from Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

The character of Joshi Anantvijay tells us that parents should not force a career on their children. Medha Shankar does well with her character.

Restart if failed

The movie touched on the importance of “Restart”. Restart is nothing but forget your past and start again. So, whenever you fail at anything and any point in life just “Restart”. In India, suicide is very common at a young age, especially among students. And the reason behind it is they never thought of “Restart”. “Restart” is to accept your failure or defeat and start preparing again. Restart gives us hope and motivation, which leads to greater confidence. Many entrepreneurs started their businesses but failed. Only those survive who are willing to “Restart”. The 12th fail Movie teaches us to “Restart”.

“Restart” is a process, not a single-time thing. We need to “Restart” every moment, every hour, every day. Many such stores are lying around us. People go through a lot of bad things and struggle to achieve something in their life. However, we only know about their achievement, not the process they went through. The 12th Fail Movie shows us that process.

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