5 Best Applications of WPC board with pics

Find out the best applications of WPC board. WPC board and PVC board are almost the same. Many companies are selling their PVC board as WPC board. The usage and applications are the same for both boards. WPC boards are beneficial in wet areas, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. WPC boards are 100% termite-proof and waterproof. Century Ply, Green Ply, and Alstone are the main companies selling WPC boards or PVC boards in the Indian market. There are two alternatives of plywood available in the market one is HDHMR and another is WPC boards.

What is the WPC board?

Good quality WPC boards are made with 65-70% of virgin PVC (polyvinyl chloride), 20% of calcium carbonate, and 10% of additives. This is the combination for the best quality WPC board. There are many WPC boards available in the market that do not have the right combinations. Most of the WPC boards are imported from China. WPC board is available in 8*4 size in the market. The thickness of the WPC board is 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm. There are higher thicknesses also available for WPC board but they are used as WPC doors. The applications of the WPC Board are different for different thicknesses.

Applications of WPC board with pics

I worked and sell the WPC board in a reputed company. There are several applications in which one can use a WPC board. I talk to many contractors and carpenters to know the best use of WPC boards. So from them, I came to know some common applications which every carpenter used and agree to. Here are the applications.

Applications of WPC board in Vanity with pics

Bathrooms are the wettest areas in any house. There is a continuous use of water in bathrooms. The best use of the WPC board is in Vanity. The bathroom Vanity is the one that is most affected by moisture and water. WPC boards or PVC boards are waterproof boards. Therefore Vanity is the must-have application for the WPC board.

While you use WPC board in Vanity you don’t need to purchase a laminate or mica or inside the vanity. The surface of WPC boards or PVC boards is quite glossy and white. With this, you can save money and time.

Applications of WPC board in CNC design

This application is one of my favorites. You can cut WPC boards in any design with the help of a CNC machine. It looks amazing after the CNC design. There are endless designs available to choose from for WPC board CNC. You can use the WPC board on the exterior of your home as well. WPC boards are UV protected. They are used in elevations most of the time. They look fabulous in elevation. There is no need to paint them, you can put it directly after CNC.

CNC artwork on WPC boards looks beautiful.

WPC board in Temple making

Another unique WPC board application is to make Temple by using CNC. They are cheaper than temples in Korean stone. And lightweight and durable also.

These are a few pictures of the WPC board used in the making of the Temple for the home.

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