5 facts about Twitter Creator Ads Revenue Sharing

Twitter has launched its Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program. Now a user can monetize his tweets on Twitter. The news is shared on Twitter’s official handle. Twitter is getting tough competition from Meta Threads. However this is good news for Twitter users, now they can earn on Twitter also. Meta already has its monetization program. This will motivate Social media influencers around the world. Now they have another great tool to grow them financially.

What is Creator Ads revenue sharing program?

Twitter will share the revenue they generate via Ads on Twitter. This is the first time Twitter will announce such a program. M Elon Musk has been very aggressive since the time he owns Twitter. Earlier he started the blue tick paid program where users have to pay for a verified blue tick.

Conditions for eligibility

A Twitter user must have to compile the following terms to be eligible for the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program.

  1. The user must have a blue tick subscription or from Verified Organisation
  2. The user must have at least 5 Million impressions on all tweets he has done in the last 90 days or 3 months
  3. A user has to pass the verification process
  4. A user must be 18 years or above
  5. Must have verified Email address
  6. Must have an active account for last month
  7. Must have a complete profile
  8. Must have Two- factor authentication enabled

What after approval

A user should have a Stripe account for revenue transfers. Stripe is a payment processing software company that has headquarters in California, United States. The user must have to adhere Creator subscription policy

Where to apply

Twitter soon launched the application process for the Creator ads revenue sharing program. Initially, this program only launched at the places where Stripe is available.

It’s a very good move by Twitter CEO Elon Musk to introduce the monetization feature on Twitter.

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