5 Most explosive scenes from the “Salaar the Ceasefire”

The Movie Salaar the Ceasefire rocked the world of cinema, especially in India. Prabhas once again proves why he is called the “rebel star” of India. “Salaar the Ceasefire” is undoubtedly the best action drama movie 2023. Although most of the scenes are amazing. But we tell you the 5 most explosive scenes that force you to whistle in the theater.

Salaar the Ceasefire: Young Prabhas fight

In the first scene of the movie where young guy takes the hands of his friends to a crowd asking who snatched his nose ring. Where he challenges Deva to fight with the wrestler. Deva alone took the challenges shocking himself and the wrestler with a live electricity wire. He won the fight as the wrestler went grounded with the shock.

Save Shruti Haasan

In another explosive scene from Salaar the Ceasefire, Prabhas saves the actress after once his mother allowed him to fight. He picks up one of the goons with a single hand and smokes with the other hand. This scene shows the power of Prabash.

Save Shruti Haasan Again

When the goons come to pick Shruti Haasan, Prabash and his mother leave the place. As his mother sees goons are going to take the girl. He stops the Prabhas and helps the girl. Prabahs took off the armory from his car and fired on hundreds of goons. Just like a tank and destroyed everything.

Save the young girl

In Khaansar when a goon tries to pick one young girl from a house everyone stands still including Prithviraj Sukumaran. Prabash alone kills the goon with a rod.

Chop the head

In the court of Khaansar when Prabash and Prithviraj come and one of the goons tries to kill Prithviraj. Prabash first begs him that he is the killer of his son. So, kill him not Privtviraj. But when he sees that goon is not going to listen he chop off his head.

Salaar the Ceasefire is a good action movie that should be watched in the theater for an amazing experience. Here is the Disney+ Hotstar special Label Web series. Which is full of action.

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