7 Must watch Lee Joon gi movies list

In the realm of Korean entertainment, Lee Joon Gi has emerged as an exceptional actor, captivating audiences with his undeniable talent and versatility. With an impressive body of work spanning various genres, Lee Joon-gi has continuously proven his prowess in delivering breathtaking performances. From historical epics to contemporary thrillers, he has left an indelible mark on the Korean entertainment industry. In this article, we delve into the mesmerizing performances that define Lee Joon-gi’s illustrious career.

Early Life

Lee Joon Gi was born in bought up in Bhushan, South Korea. He also did his schooling here. He likes to act so he starts looking for a career in the entertainment industry. His parents don’t like that their son works in play. He starts modeling in his college days.

Lee also works in Resident Evil a Hollywood thriller movie.

Lee Joon Gi movies list

The King and the Clown

The King and the Clown” catapulted Lee Joon-gi into the spotlight, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with. This historical drama set during the Joseon era showcased his ability to portray complex characters. Lee’s portrayal of Gong-Gil, a clown entangled in a forbidden love affair, was nothing short of extraordinary. His nuanced performance garnered critical acclaim, and he received numerous awards, including the prestigious Grand Bell Award for Best Actor.


This movie was released in the year 2008. In the drama series “Iljimae,” Lee Joon-gi portrayed the titular character, a masked vigilante seeking justice during the Joseon dynasty. This role allowed him to showcase his physicality, agility, and expert swordsmanship. Lee Joon-gi effortlessly blended charisma, wit, and vulnerability, captivating audiences with his layered portrayal of a conflicted hero. His performance in “Iljimae” remains one of the highlights of his career, solidifying his status as a leading actor.

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (2016)

“Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” presented Lee Joon Gi with the opportunity to demonstrate his range as an actor. In this historical fantasy drama, he played Wang So, a prince with a tragic destiny. Lee Joon-gi’s performance resonated deeply with viewers as he portrayed a character torn between love and duty. With his expressive eyes and emotional depth, he captured the essence of Wang So’s internal struggles, making the audience empathize with his journey.

Lawless Lawyer (2018)

“Lawless Lawyer” showcased Lee Joon-gi’s versatility in the crime thriller genre. In this drama series, he portrayed Bong Sang-Pil, a lawyer seeking justice for his mother’s death. Lee Joon-gi flawlessly balanced the character’s tough exterior with moments of vulnerability, imbuing Bong Sang-pil with a charismatic and enigmatic presence. His dynamic performance elevated the intensity of the show, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Flower of Evil (2020)

In “Flower of Evil,” Lee Joon Gi delivered a masterclass in portraying a complex character. He played Baek Hee-sung, a seemingly perfect husband hiding a dark secret. With meticulous attention to detail, Lee Joon-gi depicted the intricate layers of his character’s persona. His ability to switch seamlessly between a loving husband and a potential serial killer created an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue, captivating viewers until the very end.

My Girl (2005)

In the romantic comedy series “My Girl,” Lee Joon Gi charmed viewers with his endearing portrayal of Seo Jung-woo. Playing the second male lead, he effortlessly captured hearts with his boyish charm and charismatic screen presence. Lee Joon-gi’s performance brought a delightful mix of humor, warmth, and vulnerability to the character, making him a memorable and lovable figure in the story.

Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)

In the action-packed thriller “Time Between Dog and Wolf,” Lee Joon Gi showcased his exceptional range and intensity as an actor. He portrayed the character of Lee Soo-Hyun, a skilled undercover agent seeking revenge for his parent’s murder. Lee Joon-gi’s performance in this drama was a tour de force, as he flawlessly portrayed the complexities of his character’s dual identity, torn between loyalty and vengeance. His portrayal was marked by intense action sequences, emotional depth, and a captivating screen presence that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Lee Joon Gi is an amazing talent. From his breakthrough role in “The King and the Clown” to his recent portrayal in “Flower of Evil,” he has consistently showcased his incredible talent and versatility.

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