9 Crucial Tips for Selecting Plywood Like a Pro

Important Tips for Selecting Plywood for Home and Office Interior. Selecting the right plywood for your home is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of various elements, including furniture, cabinets, and flooring. Nowadays, so many options are available in the market that we get confused about what to buy. Here are the crucial tips for selecting plywood, To ensure you make an informed choice, consider the following factors:

Tips for selecting plywood:

Plywood Grade

Interior vs. Exterior Use:

Determine the intended use of the plywood. Interior-grade plywood is suitable for indoor applications, while exterior-grade plywood is designed to withstand weather conditions and moisture. Before selecting you should know where going to use the plywood.

Grades (MR or 710 or Marine):

Plywood comes in different grades reflecting the quality of surface veneers. Marine-grade plywood boasts the highest quality, while MR (Moisture Resistant or IS:303) -grade may have more imperfections. Choose a grade that aligns with your functional and aesthetic preferences. The MR grade of Plywood is the market’s highest selling grade because it is economical. Marine of IS:710 is considered to be the premium grade.

Brand of MR or IS:303 – Sainik MR from Centuryply, Ecotec from Greenply, MR plywood from Green Panel, Soldierr MR+ from Kajaria ply.

Brand of IS:710 or Marine – Sainik 710, Club Prime from Century ply, Soldierr 710, Klubb Gold from Kajaria ply, Puma ply from Duro.

Type of Plywood

Softwood vs. Hardwood:

Softwood plywood (e.g., pine, fir) is ideal for general construction, while hardwood plywood (e.g., oak, birch) is durable and often used in furniture and decorative applications.

Marine Plywood:

If exposure to moisture is anticipated or for marine applications, opt for marine plywood, specially crafted to resist water damage.

Plywood Thickness

Choose an appropriate thickness based on your application. Thicker plywood generally provides more strength and is suitable for load-bearing purposes. Plywood is available in uniform thickness. The cabinet box is made with 18/19mm of plywood; in the back, we generally use 6mm or 9mm of ply.

Plywood Core

Veneer Core vs. Particleboard/MDF Core:

Veneer core plywood, composed of layers of wood veneer, offers strength and stability. Particleboard or MDF core plywood is more cost-effective but may sacrifice durability.

Glue Used

Check the type of glue employed in the plywood. Exterior-grade plywood should utilize waterproof glue, while interior-grade may use moisture-resistant glue. Look for “BWP” (Boiling Water Proof) labeling for enhanced water resistance. Nowadays there is glue used which makes plywood Borer and termite-proof.


Consider the plywood’s appearance, especially if it will be visible in your project. Choose a wood species and grade that complements your aesthetic preferences.


Budget is the most important factor when selecting plywood. Plywood comes in various price ranges. Find a balance between your budget and the quality required for your project. Investing in higher-quality plywood often results in a more durable finished product.

Manufacturer Reputation

We can say the Brands, opt for plywood from reputable manufacturers known for producing quality products. Read reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction. In India Centuryply, Greenply, and Greenpanel consider as a brand.

Environmental Considerations

For those concerned about sustainability, plywood also compiles the environmental norms. The use of phenol formaldehyde is reduced to local ply only. Now E0, E1, and E2-like emission norms plywood is available in the market.

Besides selecting good plywood, selecting a good Carpenter is equally important. Always remember while going to buy plywood from any shop don’t get influenced by the dealer, he will try to sell the product for which he has a higher margin. So remember these tips for selecting plywood.

By considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision when selecting plywood for your home projects, ensuring it meets your unique requirements and standards. This thoughtful approach will contribute to the longevity and overall success of your home improvement endeavors. All these tips for selecting plywood will help you make your dream interior easily.

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