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The author of Sphere Vibes is a 40-year-old employee of a reputed Plywood company. He has a work experience of more than 16 years in sales. He sells Plyboards, doors, WPC boards, WPC door frames, and veneers at different locations. The author works in different fields and in different positions. He works on ground level and knows what actual things look like. He went through lots of difficulties in his personal and professional life. The author is also good at sports like Cricket as he played for the college cricket team during the years 2003-2006.

The motive of creating this blog is to provide the user with the best information and share the knowledge, which is gained over the years. As we already know there are many of misinformation is there on Google. The creators are paid or influenced by the information. We work on the grassroots and know everything. The blog or article on Sphere Vibes is not influenced by anyone.

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In the articles, you will find out his personal experience in the form of blogs or stories.

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