Amazon Adhura Horror series review in 3 points

Adhura is recently released on Amazon Prime video OTT. “Adhura” is genuinely a supernatural horror, thriller series. After a long time, supernatural web series is released on an OTT platform. The series is worth watching. The web series should be binge-watched for a better understanding of the story. In this blog, we give you a proper review of the series.

Adhura Story

Adhiraj is a teacher in the US and comes to India to attend the Alumni meet of the 2007 batch in Neelgiri School. As wants to meet his best friend Ninad, who hasn’t met him since the last day of school. Things are not normal in school. The dean of the school got died in mysterious circumstances a few days before the alumni. On the day of the Alumni, Every old friend of Adhiraj has come except Ninad. So, he starts an inquiry in school about him. That unfolds the hidden truth of Ninad.

Half of the story is live in 2007, and the last day of school.

Adhura Cast and performance

  • Ishwak Singh as Adhiraj
  • Rashika Dugal as Supriya School teacher
  • Shrinik Arora as Vedant
  • Poojan Chabra as Ninad
  • Rahul Dev as Inspector

The performance of all the characters is good. But more than their acting it’s the story that keeps you watching it till the end.

A total of 9 episodes are in the series. With the climax, Season too also will come.

Adhura Ratings

The series gets a 7 star out of 10. You should watch it if you love suspense and thriller. The horror makes it more watched. There are other movies you can watch if you like on Amazon Prime.

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