BTS Kim Taehyung aka V gets 14 million on Spotify

The young sensation of the world-famous BTS band Kim Taehyung aka V reached 14 million followers on Spotify. He is the third Korean artist to achieve this feat. Earlier Jhope and RM are the two Kpop artists to reach the milestone. Taehyung aka V is a pure talent and one of the most loved BTS members. He is very quick to get these numbers. Recently BTS members bags many awards at the SEC Awards 2023.

Best track of Kim Taehyung on Spotify

V has 2,761,031 per month active listeners on Spotify. The two most listen to performances of V on Spotify are “Sweet Night” and “Christmas Tree”. Both are his solo performances. Together has got more than 620,000,000 listenings till now on Spotify. His ability to sing in low pitched voice is amazing. He connects with his audience with ease.

V is also an amazing songwriter. His fashion and dressing sense makes his followers awful. The young age girls really like his style and singing.

V Monthly listeners break-up

Though Kim Taehyung is listened to in every corner of the world. Here are the top five cities where it listens the most.

  1. Jakarta – 105,325 monthly listeners
  2. Bangkok – 56,999 Monthly listeners
  3. Kuala Lumpur – 49,407 Monthly listeners
  4. Delhi – 48,811 Monthly Listeners
  5. Mumbai – 42,847 Monthly listeners

With the current pace V soon reached 15 million followers on Spotify. We assume he get this figure by the end of August 2023.

Korean Drama and K-pop are the two trending things on the internet and everywhere in the world. They are very innovative and talented. Korean girls are also equally famous and loved for their performances.

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