Duroply vs Century Ply: Which is better?


Let’s find out who is a winner in Duroply vs Century Ply. knows the truth. Duroply and Century Ply are two well-known brands in the plywood industry. While both companies offer a range of plywood products, there are some differences in terms of quality, pricing, and customer preferences. Here’s a comparison between Duroply and Century … Read more

What is edge band tape, and their uses


Another useful product that is used in making furniture is Edge band tape. Their uses may be minor but they are essential to be used. Finishing is the most crucial part of any artwork. Making furniture is also an art done by carpenters. While making any furniture finishing is the most important thing. I worked … Read more

Best 5 Laminates/Sunmica Brands in India

There are many laminates/Sunmica Brands in India, But only a few have the potential to be called a Brand. They are also called Sunmica or Mica in the local market. I worked in a branded company and sold Laminates. Laminates/Sunmica have revolutionized the way architects, interior designers, and homeowners approach surface finishes, offering a versatile, … Read more

Infra.market plywood launched in market

infra.market plywood sample Kit Box

Infra.market The construction company is going to enter the Indian plywood market. The infra.Market plywood soon will be available in the plywood market. So, there will be new competitors for Century Ply, Green Ply, and Austin. These three have a major market share. The plywood market is dominated by local ply companies. About infra.market Infra.Market … Read more

Exclusive Top 5 Century ply Dealers in Faridabad


Century Ply is a well-known name in the Plywood industry. Are you living in Faridabad, and looking for Century ply dealers in Faridabad? No need to worry we full fill your demand. Century Ply is the number one and most selling plywood brand in India. Besides Faridabad, Gurgaon is the biggest market for any plywood … Read more

Which is better in HDHMR vs Plywood? The Truth

HDHMR vs Plywood

HDHMR vs Plywood – In this article, you will find which is a superior product in terms of usage. I met carpenters, builders, and plywood dealers daily as I worked in a renowned plywood company. I have experience of more than 4 years in the plywood industry. Making a dream home is not a cakewalk. … Read more

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