Clash of Titans:2022/23 UEFA Player of the Year nominees are De Bruyne, Haaland, Messi

The top 3 UEFA Player of the Year nominees are Messi, Haaland, and De Bruyne. In the exhilarating world of football, where legends are born and feats are achieved, the UEFA Player of the Year award stands as a beacon of recognition for exceptional talent and extraordinary contributions. The winner of the 2022/23 UEFA Player will be announced on 31 August 2023 at Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. As the list of UEFA Player of the Year nominee announced there is a talk on social media. Fans of the many players are not happy.

Nominee Selection Process

The selection of UEFA Player of the Year nominees is done by a points system. Initially, players were selected by their performance at Club, and national team levels in the year 2022/23. Then UEFA forms a lobby of coaches to give points on players’ performance. These coaches are from the clubs who played at UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa Conference League, and UEFA Europa League. A group of journalists is also present in the jury. They gave them 5 points, 3 points, and 1 point.

All of them ask to select their top 3 players for nomination. From these top 3 players, a winner will be chosen. Coaches are not allowed to vote for their club players.

As the football fraternity eagerly awaits the declaration of the winner, the spotlight is cast upon three-game giants who have been nominated for the coveted title – Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, and Lionel Messi. The 2022/23 Men’s UEFA Player of the Year nominees have left an indelible mark on the football landscape, each with a distinct story of triumph and dominance.

Kevin De Bruyne: The Maestro of Modern Midfield

The first name in the list of UEFA Player of the Year nominees is Kevin De Bruyne. Kevin De Bruyne’s presence on the field exudes brilliance and finesse, making him a force to be reckoned with. The Belgian midfielder’s meteoric rise to prominence has been defined by his exceptional vision, unparalleled passing accuracy, and ability to dictate the tempo of the game. Representing Manchester City, De Bruyne’s influence transcends mere statistics; his impact is felt in the rhythm and fluidity of his team’s gameplay.

Performance in 2022/23 

De Bruyne’s 2022/23 season was marked by remarkable consistency and instrumental performances, guiding Manchester City to Premier League glory and leading his team’s charge in the UEFA Champions League. His dynamic skill set, coupled with an unyielding work ethic, positions him as a frontrunner for the prestigious award. Beyond the numbers, De Bruyne’s ability to orchestrate moments of brilliance and his role as a pivotal figure in Belgium’s national squad has solidified his status as a true maestro of the modern midfield.

Erling Haaland: The Prolific Prodigy

The second name in the list of UEFA Player of the Year nominees is Erling Haaland. In the realm of emerging talents, Erling Haaland shines as a beacon of hope for the future of football. The Norwegian striker’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of astonishing, as he continues to rewrite records and leave defenders in his wake. Haaland’s goal-scoring prowess has captured the hearts of fans across the globe, with his ability to find the back of the net becoming a trademark of his playstyle. 

Performance in 2022/23

With an insatiable hunger for goals, Haaland’s contributions were pivotal to Borussia Dortmund’s campaigns in both domestic and European competitions. His explosive speed, aerial dominance, and clinical finishing have elevated him to the status of one of the most sought-after talents in the world. At a young age, Haaland’s inclusion among the nominees for the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year award is a testament to his extraordinary potential and the excitement he brings to the sport.

Lionel Messi: The Evergreen Virtuoso 

The world remembers how Lionel Messi helps Argentina win the FIFA World Cup 2022. Lionel Messi’s name has become synonymous with football excellence. The Argentine maestro has spent over two decades enchanting audiences with his mesmerizing dribbles, incisive passes, and innate ability to create magic on the field. After his iconic transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Messi’s journey took an unexpected turn, yet his influence remains as potent as ever. 

Performance in the Year 2022/23

The 2022/23 season saw Messi securing the FIFA world cup 20222. These triumphs showcased his enduring brilliance and leadership qualities, further solidifying his status as one of the game’s all-time greats. While adorned with numerous accolades throughout his career, the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year award continues to be a cherished recognition that reflects Messi’s consistent commitment to excellence. 

2022/23 UEFA Player of the Year nominees list

Here is the official list of UEFA Player of the Year award nominees with the points they got from the jury.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne
  2. Erling Haaland
  3. Lionel Messi
  4. Ilkay Gundogan (Man City) -129 points
  5. Rodri (Man City) – 110 points
  6. Kylian Mbappe (PSG) – 82 points
  7. Luka Modric (Real Madrid, Croatia) – 33 points
  8. Marcelo Brozovic (Inter, Croatia) – 20 points
  9. Declan Rice (England, West Ham) – 14 Points
  10. Alexis Mac Allister (Argentina, Brighton) –12 points
  11. Jesus Navas (Spain, Sevilla) – 6 points

This is the complete list of UEFA Player of the Year nominees for 2022/23. Kylian Mbappe’s name is not in top which is quite surprising for fans of Mbappe. Many deserving players are not on the list of Men’s UEFA Player of the Year nominees.

UEFA Player of the Year Prediction

The unveiling of the 2022/23 Men’s UEFA Player of the Year nominees has ignited worldwide fervent debates among football enthusiasts. Kevin De Bruyne’s orchestration from midfield, Erling Haaland’s predatory instincts, and Lionel Messi’s timeless virtuosity have carved unique paths to excellence. As the anticipation builds, the footballing world eagerly awaits when one of these luminaries will emerge as the winner, etching their name into the annals of football history. All the 3 nominees are well deserve the awards. But Lionel Messi will win the UEFA Player of the Year award. He is consistent in club and national teams.

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Who are the UEFA Player of the Year 2022/23 nominees

Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, Lionel Messi

When the UEFA Player of the Year 2022/23 winner is announced.

On 31 August 2023 at Monaco

Who is the current holder of UEFA Men’s Player of the Year award?

Karim Benzema of France

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