Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule, Grounds, and Teams

The cricket world cup 2023 schedule has been announced. India will host the World Cup 2023 for a record 4th time. But this is the first time India hosted individually. Earlier India hosted with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. ICC announced the schedule. The cricket world cup 2023 schedule is advertised at an event in India. Pakistan’s team is still unclear whether they are coming to India for the World Cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule

Who will inaugurate Cricket World Cup 2023?

The prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi will inaugurate the world cup 2023 in Ahmedabad. ICC President and BCCI head will accompany him. As per the reports Australian and England Prime Ministers were also invited to the inauguration ceremony. Arijit Singh will perform at the event.

2023 World Cup Teams list

A total of 10 teams are qualified for the Cricket World Cup 2023. Sri Lanka and the Netherlands are the two teams that qualified for the world cup 2023 after playing a qualifier in Zimbabwe. West Indies has failed to make it to the World Cup for the first time. Zimbabwe was unlucky to miss the chance narrowly. Scotland too has played some great matches to make it to the qualifiers but unfortunately, they missed the opportunity.

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Afghanistan
  6. England
  7. Netherlands
  8. Australia
  9. New Zeland
  10. South Africa

Five teams are from Asia, Two are from Europe, Two are from the Australian continent, and 1 from Africa is playing in CWC 2023.

Cricket World Cup 2023 stadiums

A total of 10 cricket stadiums were chosen for the Cricket World Cup 2023 across India. The opening and final match of the Cricket World Cup 2023 is to be played at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad.

  • Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
  • Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala
  • Arun Jaitly Stadium, Delhi
  • Chidambaram, Chennai
  • Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow
  • Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Gahunje, Pune
  • M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru
  • Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
  • Eden Gardens, Kolkata

The 2023 Cricket world cup format

The cricket world cup will be played in a round-robin format, where each team plays the other. The team with the most number of points tops the table. The EPL (English Premier League) also played in the same round-robin format.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 match list

The first match of the Cricket World Cup 2023 is to be played on 5 October 2023 between England and Nez Zealand.

1Thursday 05 OctoberEngland vs New Zealand02:00Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Hyderabad
2Friday 06 OctoberPakistan vs Sri Lanka02:00Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Hyderabad
3Saturday 07 OctoberBangladesh vs Afganistan10:30HPCA, Dharmsala
4Saturday 07 OctoberSouth Africa vs Netherlands02:00Arun Jaitly Stadium, Delhi
5Sunday 08 OctoberIndia vs Aus02:00Chidambaram, Chennai
6Monday 09 OctoberNew Zealand vs Sri Lanka02:00Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Hyderabad
7Tuesday 10 OctoberBangladesh vs England02:00HPCA, Dharmsala
8Wednesday 11 OctIndia vs Afghanistan02:00Arun Jaitly Stadium, Delhi
9Thursday 12 OctPakistan vs Netherlands02:00Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Hyderabad
10Friday 13 OctoberAus vs South Africa02:00Ekana Stadium, Lucknow
11Saturday 14 OctoberNew Zealand vs Bangladesh10:30Chidambaram, Chennai
12Saturday 14 OctoberENG vs Afghanistan02:00Arun Jaitly Stadium, Delhi
13Sunday 15 OctoberIndia vs Pakistan02:00Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad
14Monday 16 OctoberAustralia vs Netherlands02:00Ekana Stadium, Lucknow
15Tuesday 17 OctoberSouth Africa vs Sri Lanka02:00HPCA, Dharmsala
16Wednesday 18 OctoberNew Zealand vs AFG02:00Chidambaram, Chennai
17Thursday 19 OctoberIndia vs BAN02:00MCA, Gahunje
18Friday 20 OctoberPAK vs AUS02:00Wankhede, Mumbai
19Saturday 21 OctoberEng vs Sri Lanka10:30Ekana Stadium, Lucknow
20Saturday 21 OctoberEngland vs South Africa02:00Wankhede, Mumbai
21Sunday 22 OctoberIndia vs New Zealand02:00HPCA, Dharmsala
22Monday 23 OctoberPakistan vs Afganistan02:00Chidambaram, Chennai
23Tuesday 24 OctoberSouth Africa vs Ban02:00Wankhede, Mumbai
24Wednesday 25 OctAustralia vs Sri Lanka02:00Arun Jaitly Stadium, Delhi
25Thursday 26 OctoberEng vs Ireland02:00Chinnaswamy, Bengaluru
26Friday 27 OctoberPak vs South Africa02:00Chidambaram, Chennai
27Saturday 28 OctoberAustralia vs New Zealand10:30HPCA, Dharmsala
28Saturday 28 OctoberBangladesh vs Sri Lanka02:00Eden Gardens, Kolkatta
29Sunday 29 OctoberIndia vs England02:00Ekana Stadium, Lucknow
30Monday 30 October Eng vs Sri Lanka02:00Pune
31Tuesday 31 OctoberPakistan vs Bangladesh02:00Eden Gardens, Kolkatta
32Wednesday 1 NovemberNew Zealand vs South Africa02:00Pune
33Thursday 2 NovIndia vs Sri Lanka02:00Wankhede, Mumbai
34Friday 3 NovemberAfghanistan vs Netherlands02:00Ekana Stadium, Lucknow
35Saturday 4 NovemberPakistan vs New Zealand10:30Bengaluru
36Saturday 4 NovemberAustralia vs England02:00Ahmedabad
37Sunday 5 NovemberIndia vs South Africa02:00Eden Gardens
38Monday 6 NovemberBangladesh vs Sri Lanka02:00Delhi
39Tuesday 7 NovemberAustralia vs Afghanistan02:00Wankhede Mumbai
40Wednesday 8 NovEngland vs Netherlands02:00Pune
41Thursday 9 NovemberNew Zealand vs Sri Lanka02:00Bengaluru
42Friday 10 NovemberAfghanistan vs South Africa02:00Ahmedabad
43Saturday 11 NovemberInd vs Netherlands02:00Bengaluru
44Sunday 12 NovemberAustralia vs Bangladesh10:30Pune
45Sunday 12 NovemberEngland vs Pakistan02:00Eden Gardens
46Wednesday 15 NovemberT2 vs T3 (Semi-Final)02:00Wankhede Mumbai
47Thursday 16 NovemberT2 vs T3 (Semi Final)02:00Eden Gardens
48Sunday 19 NovemberFinal02:00Ahmedabad Gujrat
Cricket world cup 2023 schedule

The Cricket world cup 2023 schedule consists of a total of 48 matches. Of those 48 matches at the World Cup, 6 are played in Day and 42 games are played in Day/night. The weather is good in the October and November month. The Cricket world cup 2023 schedule is decided with the weather condition in mind by ICC.

Points Table

Sr. No.TeamMatch PlayedWinLossTiePointsNet R/R
5New Zeland
6South Africa
7Sri Lanka
Cricket World Cup 2023 Points Table

Team India Matches at Cricket Word Cup 2023

The team India is going to play a total of 9 league matches. The first match of the Indian cricket team is against Australia on 8 Oct at Chennai.

  1. Ind vs Aus on 8 October
  2. India vs Afghanistan on 11 Oct
  3. Ind vs Pak on 15 Oct at Ahmedabad
  4. India vs Bangladesh on 17 Oct
  5. India vs New Zealand on 22 Oct
  6. India vs England on 29 October
  7. Team India vs Sri Lanka on 2 Nov
  8. Team India vs South Africa 5 Nov
  9. Team India vs Netherlands on 11 Nov

World Cup Winner till the 2019 World Cup

Here is the list of winner’s countries from the past (1975-2019)

1975West Indies
1979West Indies
1995Sri Lanka
World cup Winners

Countries with the Most Number of World Cup Titals

List of countries with the Most title

TeamNumber of Titales
Australia5 times (1987, 1999,2003, 2007, 2015)
West Indies2 times (1975, 1979)
India2 times (1983, 2011)
Pakistan1 time in 1995
Sri Lanka1 times in 1995
England1 time in 1991

Host of the World Cups till 2023

Here is the list of host countries of Cricket World Cup till now

England(1975, 1979, 1983, 1999, 2019)
India (1987, 1995 (cohost with Pak and Sri Lanka), 2011 (Cohost with Ban and Sri Lanka), 2023)
Australia 1991, 2015 (co host with New Zealand)
South Africa2003
West Indies2007

Many new records will be made and old are destroyed in the coming World Cup 2023. The highest individual score in the Cricket World Cup ever was named to Martin Guptill (237 runs).

Where is ICC 2023 World Cup Schedule?

The Cricket World Cup 2023 is scheduled in India.

How many teams are playing in Cricket World Cup 2023?

A total of 10 Teams

Is West Indies qualified for World Cup 2023?

No, West Indies not able to Qualify for the World Cup 2023