Duroply vs Century Ply: Which is better?

Let’s find out who is a winner in Duroply vs Century Ply. knows the truth. Duroply and Century Ply are two well-known brands in the plywood industry. While both companies offer a range of plywood products, there are some differences in terms of quality, pricing, and customer preferences. Here’s a comparison between Duroply and Century Ply to help you understand their similarities and differences.

Both Duroply and Century Ply are known for their plywood products. There is a new alternative of plywood available in the market called HDHMR board. If you are planning to buy plywood, please go through these crucial tips.

Duroply vs Century Ply: Quality

Both Duroply and Century Ply are known for producing high-quality plywood. They adhere to stringent quality control measures and use advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure their products meet industry standards. However, the perceived quality may vary based on specific product lines and customer experiences. Century Ply has multiple manufacturing plants situated at different locations in India. Century Ply is very aggressive in opening new manufacturing plants. Not only new plants but they are also increasing the production of their existing plants to meet the demand. While Duro has few manufacturing plants.

Duroply vs Century Ply: Product Range

Both brands offer a wide range of plywood products to cater to different requirements. They provide various types of plywood, including MR grade, BWR grade, Marine grade, and Fire-retardant plywood. They also offer different thicknesses and sizes to meet specific project needs.

Ply Board sample

Century ply waterproof products are Architecht ply, Club Prime, Bond 710, and Sainik 710. The commercial or MR (Moisture resistant) grade plywood is Sainik MR and Win MR.

Duroply and Century Ply: Pricing

Pricing can vary between Duroply and Century Ply based on factors such as product type, grade, thickness, and location. Generally, Century Ply is considered to be slightly more affordable than Duroply. However, it’s important to note that prices may fluctuate over time and in different regions. The good thing with Century is that they have more Channel partners as compared to Duroply. Therefore Century Ply is easily available even at remote locations. Duro limits himself to a few dealers. They are Dealer centric company while Century Ply is a customer-centric company.

Century Ply dominates the pricing of Brthe anded plywood market in India. Duroply follows Century Ply in pricing. Whenever Century Ply increases the price Duro Increases their price. And whenever Century Ply decreases the price of their product Duroply decreases the price of their products. Duroply always sells their product at a price lesser than Century Ply.

Brand Reputation

Both brands have a strong presence in the market and have built a solid reputation over the years. Century Ply is a well-established brand with a wide distribution network, while Duroply has gained recognition for its durability and performance. Ultimately, brand preference may vary depending on individual experiences and regional factors. Centruy is now a well-known brand in the Indian market. Thanks to the aggressive marketing policy of Century Ply management. Now everyone in India knows about Century Ply.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can be subjective and influenced by personal preferences and experiences. It’s essential to consider factors like product quality, durability, customer service, and warranty offered by both brands. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can provide insights into customer satisfaction levels. Century Ply is the most-selling plywood brand in India. They have a vast customer care service. Century is also very reliable in giving service to their customers. The complaint-solving ratio of Century Ply is better than Duroply.

Duroply vs Century Ply: Turnover and Market Value

Century is the largest-selling plywood brand in India. The overall turnover of Century Ply is 3500 cr. Whereas Duroply being the oldest company only sold an average of 250 cr in the last five years. Century Ply almost doubled their turnover in the last five years. Even at a high volume base Century Ply gets 25% growth in the financial year 2022-23.

Duroply vs Century Ply: Infographic comparison

Here is a very informative infographic given below to download if you like to

Duroply vs Century Ply Infographic

Our Conclusion

When choosing between Duroply and Century Ply, it’s advisable to consider your specific requirements, budget, and preferences. It can be helpful to visit local dealers, examine product samples, and gather feedback from professionals or users who have used their products. Remember to assess the suitability of the plywood for your specific application, as different grades and types are suitable for different purposes.

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