Dwarka: Female Pilot Tortured 10 year Minor Girl

In a viral video on social media, a mob was seen assaulting an Indigo Female Pilot in Dwarka, New Delhi on 19 July. As per the reports and confirmed by Delhi Police the FIR has been lodged against the Female Pilot for torturing a 10 years old girl. The girl works as domestic help at the Indigo female Pilot home. The Pilot couple has been arrested by Delhi police.

Torture of Domestic Help Girl

The Pilot couple kept the girl at their home. They won’t let her go to her house after work. After a few days, the girl went to his house and told her parents about all the torture she had endured. The parents and the family members went to the pilot’s house. Where the video was shoot. There are several burn marks from iron on the body of the domestic help 10 years old girl. Family members got angry after seeing this. They went to the house of the pilot in Dwarka, pull out the pilot of her house and thrash. The husband of Pilot was also beaten by the mob.

Who was Female Pilot

The female pilot works for Indigo Airlines and resides with her husband in Delhi Dwarka. Poornima Bagchi, a pilot & her husband Kaushik Bagchi have been arrested for torturing a 10-year-old girl they employed as a maid 2 months ago.

What Police said

As soon as the police get the news of the mob thrashing the pilot, police went to the spot and booked a pilot couple in an FIR. In a police bite, Dwarka DCP M Harsha Vardhan says, “We reached the spot and found that a 10-year-old girl has been kept as domestic help by a couple. Her medical examination was conducted in which some injuries and burn marks have come to the fore. A case has been registered. Both husband and wife have been detained and are being arrested. Counseling of the child has been done.” FIR was lodged against them under IPC 323,324,342 & Child Labour Act, 75 JJ. Here is the Newsmobile Twitter Handle post the video.

Viral Video

Here is the viral video of Dwarka female Pilot and her husband beaten by a mob.

This is not the first time such an incident comes to light. Child labor was a punishable offense in India. But still, we see so many cases of Child labor. Some come to the limelight and others are ignored. Even most of the abuses come from the most educated people in society.

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