Exclusive Top 5 Century ply Dealers in Faridabad

Century Ply is a well-known name in the Plywood industry. Are you living in Faridabad, and looking for Century ply dealers in Faridabad? No need to worry we full fill your demand. Century Ply is the number one and most selling plywood brand in India. Besides Faridabad, Gurgaon is the biggest market for any plywood or building material company in Haryana.

Making a dream home is every human dream. When making our dream home, we want everything to be the best. We want the best possible material for our home. Century ply is one such product that everyone wants to use somewhere in his or her home.

How to find Century ply dealers in Faridabad

The availability of Century ply products is very good. Every plywood shop sells it. Though only a few directly deal with the company. And rest are first buying the Century plywood from direct dealers and selling it to customers. But for the customer, it’s going to be difficult to find out the direct dealers. So that they get the century plywood product at a reasonably good price. If you go to any plywood shop and asked for Century ply products they said we are the direct dealer of Century ply.

There are only two ways to find out Century Ply dealers in Faridabad, One way is to click here and do a search on Century ply official website. The second is to get all the details from here.

Century plywood product

Century Ply is the biggest name in the plywood industry. Today they manufacture plywood, Laminates, Doors, veneers, and PVC Boards. They have both commercial (Moisture resistant) and waterproof (BWP) plywood.

Century ply Dealers in Faridabad

Here is the list of current dealers of Century Ply in Faridabad.

  1. Bihari Lal & Sons
  2. Anand Plywood
  3. Radha Plywood
  4. Capital Plywood
  5. Amit Glass & Plywood
Century ply dealers in Faridabad list

Century ply Dealer – Bihari Lal & Sons

Bihari Lal & Sons is located at Chawla Colony, Ballabgarh. He is one of the most exclusive dealers of Century Ply products in Faridabad. Bihari Lal is a big whole seller. He deals in most of the Century ply products in Faridabad. He deals in Plywood, Doors, Veneers, PVC/WPC boards, Laminates and Natural Teak. Address – Amit Mittal, ( 9811423138), 100 Feet Road, Shyam Colony, Balabgarh-121004,

Century ply dealer – Anand Plywood

Anand Plywood is also a well-known plywood dealer in Faridabad. Anand Plywood is situated in Sector 16 Huda Market, Near ICICI Bank. He also has all the major products of Century plywood. You can contact Mr. Manish Miglanin on 9811213100 for all your century ply products query.

Address of Anand Plywood: Sco No.- 107, Sector-16, Behind Sagar Cinema, Faridabad – 121001, Email – anandplywoodpltd@gmail.com

Century ply dealer – Radha Plywood

Radha Plywood is also a wholesale dealer of Century Ply. They are also dealing in Marino Laminates. All major plywood products of Century Ply are available at Radha Plywood. You can contact Mr. Rakesh Goyal at 9871139480. Email – bantigoyal1973@gmail.com

Address of Radha Plywood: Link Road, Shastri Colony, Faridabad – 121002,

Century ply dealer – Capital Plywood

Situated in NIT ( New Industrial Township) M/s Capital Plywood is one of the old plywood dealers in Faridabad. It is near NIT 1 – 2 Chowk. Contact Mr. Mahaveer at 9811591134.

Address of Capital Plywood: 1E, 18 Bp, Nit, Faridabad – 121006

Century ply dealer – Amit Glass & Plywood

Amit Glass & Plywood is situated in Shastri Colony Plywood Market. He is also dealing in commercial and waterproof ply from Century Ply. Contact Mr. Anil Bansal at 9810379872

Address: 1/280 B, Near Gurudwara, Shastri Colony Faridabad – 121002

This is the list of Century Ply dealers in Faridabad. Please note that all the details are taken from Century Ply’s official Website and through the survey in the Faridabad plywood market. There might be some addition and deletion can be possible in the given list.

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