Feature of Kajaria Ply Soldierr MR & Soldierr 710

Kajaria Ply recently launched Kajaria Ply Soldierr plywood in the plywood market. Kajaria adopts a new marketing strategy and comes with more aggressive marketing. They are also launching new shades in Kajaria Laminates. Kajaria is a well-known name in the tiles industry. Kajaraia extended its presence in the building material market by launching Kajaria plywood in 2017. In this article, we talk about the features of the newly launched Soldierr MR and Soldierr 710 by Kajaria Plywood. Kajaria Ply also launched Klubb Gold Premium plywood with a lifetime warranty.

Kajaria Ply Soldierr MR

The Soldierr MR is IS:303 commercial plywood from Kajaria ply. Kajaria Plywood Soldier MR is an alternative to Century Sainik MR, Tower from Duroply, and Ecotech from Greenply. Here are the features of Kajaria Plywood Soldierr MR

  1. Termite Resistant
  2. Water Resistant
  3. Economical Price
  4. 8 Years Warranty
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The tagline of Kajaria plywood Sodlierr is “The real fighter”. Century Sainik MR and Duro Tower come with 5 years of warranty.

Kajaria Ply Soldierr 710

The Sodierr 710 is IS:710 waterproof plywood from Kajaria Ply. Kajaria Ply Soldierr 710 is an alternative to Sainik 710 from Centuryply, Tower 710 from Duroply, and Ecotech 710 from Greenply. Here are the features of Kajaria ply Soldierr 710

  1. Boiling Waterproof (BWP)
  2. Borer and Termite proof
  3. 15 years warranty
  4. Economical Brand and price
  5. Better Quality
Kajaria Ply Soldierr 710

Sainik 710 of Century ply comes with 8 years of warranty. Tower 710 comes with 10 years of warranty.

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Plywood Market

Century Plywood is the leading company in the plywood market. Besides Century ply, Green ply also doing good in the plywood market. Recently Infra plywood launched in the market as well. There are many lesser-known brands also doing well in the plywood market. The Indian plywood market is ruled by local plywood brands. But still brands like Century, Green, Duro, Archid, Marino Laminates, and Kajaria plywood are doing well.

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