Free Online AI for India 2.0: Course in Indian Languages

The Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of India has launched AI for India 2.0 online course. This will benefit people who want to build their career in Artificial intelligence. This is a joint initiative by the government of India and GUVI (an IIT-Ahemedabad and IIT- Madras brooded enterprise). Moreover, this free online program is accredited by NCEVT and IIT Madras will skill the youth in Future skills. As we all know that AI will be the future. In this article, we will tell you all about the AI for India 2.0 course.

Launch of AI for India 2.0

The launch of the AI skill course was done by Mr. Dharmanedra Pradhan. He is the Union Minister for Education, and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship ministry. Moreover, the USP of AI free course is that it is available in 8 Indian regional languages and English. This makes it special for the young who comes from different parts of India, especially from rural India.

Mr. Pradhan said AI is an emerging technology, and we should become experts in this. Further, he said that the Yuva Shakti of India should take the benefits of the Free AI for India 2.0 course as the course is in local languages. Earlier Language is a barrier to technology education. He praises GUVI for this excellent ambition to educate the youth with AI technology.

What is AI for India 2.0 Course?

AI for India is an initiative by GUVI (an IIT-Ahmedabad and IIT-Madras brooded Edtech company) in the partnership with Indian government organizing a 1 Day virtual event. The participants of the event #AIforIndia will get course access free from 15 July. After the completion of the event, you will also get a certificate from the government of India.

Who can attend AI for India 2?

If you have the desire to do something in the field of Artificial intelligence technology, no matter which background you are you can attend this event. If you want a transition in your career or to upskill your self the most advanced AI technology you can join it. Women of any age can join this. Any working professional can join this course.

AI for India 2.0 registration

The given link takes you to the official website for AI for India where just fill out the form. The registration fee for AI For India 2.0 is Zero. After the registration, you will get a link in your Email to set up the password. You will then get the Python course in the language chosen at the time of registration. More than 5k registration are already done till 17 July 2023.

Start Learning the course to get prepared for the main 1-day event on 15 August 2023. Only limited seats are available. So do fast to grab your free spot.

Career in Artificial Intelligence

AI skill is a growing technology in the world. There are more than 45k AI jobs in India, which demand the best AI skills. Up to 54% of employees agreed that their organization needs upskilling and reskilling AI skills. This AI training course also motivates industry professionals to upgrade their skills. India has a very bright future in AI.

Most of the technologically developed countries promote their native languages. The reason is that in local languages it’s too easy to understand for an individual. Especially in the case of India, where most primary education is done in Hindi or the other local languages of that state. Most of India’s youth come from the rural part of India. This free AI training course can be a big boost for rural youth in India. More and more such courses should come in the regional languages.

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