Good Night is a movie with snoring in the lead

A Good Night is very important in any relationship, especially in married Life. The Movie Good Night is based on a very known and irritating topic of Snoring—very creative thinking by the director and producer. The Movie Show’s how destructive Snoring can be in a relationship. In this article, we review the movie and snoring. In the past, there are few divorce cases because of Snoring.

Good Night Movie Story 2023

It’s a family drama film with some comedy. You can watch it with your family. The story revolves around Mohan who has a snoring problem. His family, friends, and colleague make fun of him because of his snoring. His dream girl left him after she knew about his problem. All this makes him depressed.

During this time he met with Anu and start liking him. Anu too like Mohan. Soon they got married. Anu get to know about Mohan’s Snoring but didn’t complain to Mohan. But Mohan comes to know that his snoring gives him sleepless nights he decides to make a solution to it. He watches the video on youtube and tries every single method. But none of them works for him. 

This makes things difficult in their relationships. They both separated. See the movie what happened in the last.


Mohan’s character is played by K. Manikandan. Meetha Ragunath played the character of Anu. All the characters are played very well by all the actors. Especially Mohan’s character. 

Vinayak Chadrasekaran is the writter and director of the Good Night movie.

It’s a must-watch movie for married couples. The copmplte movie is avilabe on Disney hotstar. The movie originally made in tamil and dubbed in Hindi, Telgu, Malyalam, and Kannada

The Movie has got a IMDb rating 7.1/10.


Snoring can be a sign of some serious sleep disorder. It’s related to Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

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