How Motivation Can Lead to Greater Confidence

Shyness can be a challenging obstacle to overcome, especially when it comes to putting yourself out there and taking risks in social situations. However, with the right motivation and encouragement, it is possible to break free from the shackles of shyness and unlock a world of new opportunities and experiences. Motivation can make a 12th fail an IPS. This motivation story is very close to me. I was in my initial college days after completing my schooling.

Motivation in College Speech

For me, this journey towards greater confidence and self-expression began with a simple act of encouragement from a family member. Despite feeling timid and unsure of myself, I was urged by my cousin to participate in a speech competition at my college. To my surprise, I won the third prize, and this small victory was the catalyst for a series of positive changes in my life.

Buoyed by the success in the speech competition, I found the courage to step further outside of my comfort zone and pursue other creative interests. That began singing in public, auditioning for plays, and taking on other challenges that previously seemed insurmountable. So, every morning I visit to notice board to see any upcoming activity.

When I first stood on stage to complete my speech on mathematics day. I was shivering, my face became pale. I just want to complete my speech and get down from there. All the boys and girls are sitting in front of me. I never went to this stage in my school life. But motivation can make you do wonders. After that speech, many students start recognizing me.

With each new step I took, I found my confidence growing, and my shyness gradually melting away. I discovered that by facing my fears and taking calculated risks, I could expand my horizons and discover new talents and passions I never knew I had. 

Of course, the journey toward greater self-confidence is not always easy, and setbacks and challenges are bound to arise. However, with perseverance and a supportive network of friends and family, anyone can overcome their shyness and unlock their full potential. 

If you are struggling with shyness or a lack of confidence, remember that even small acts of courage can have a profound impact on your life. Whether it’s participating in a speech competition, trying out a new hobby, or simply striking up a conversation with a stranger, every step you take toward greater self-expression and personal growth is a step in the right direction. 

Power of Motivation

Do surround yourself with the people who motivate and encourage you to overcome your fear. Talk more with the people who understand you more. Those who listen to you. Try new things in your life. There are many instances where a small motivation can bring amazing results.

Types of Motivation

There are two types of Motivation – 1. Tangible, 2. Intangible

1. Tangible Motivation – Tangible means the things that we can touch and can be seen. So, If some award, prize, or money that we touch and see motivates us is called Tangible motivation. Similarly

2. Intangible Motivation – Intangible means the things that we can’t see or measure. like – Pride

So take a deep breath, summon your courage, and take that first step toward a brighter, more confident future. Who knows where it might lead?

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