plywood launched in market The construction company is going to enter the Indian plywood market. The infra.Market plywood soon will be available in the plywood market. So, there will be new competitors for Century Ply, Green Ply, and Austin. These three have a major market share. The plywood market is dominated by local ply companies.


Infra.Market is one of the fastest-growing Indian B2B e-commerce platforms. The company specializes in construction and building materials. The company was founded in 2016 by Souvik Sengupta and Aaditya Sharda and is based in Mumbai, India. The platform connects buyers and sellers of construction and building materials, including cement, steel, electrical, plumbing, and more. focus on the construction industry has given it a unique position in the Indian market.

They have a presence in 17 Indian states, 8 exclusive outlets, and 4000 plus retail stores across India. Which is an excellent number. has done several projects of Metro train in Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, and NHAI, Airport projects. plywood product

Currently planning to launch the plywood and MDF in the plywood market. After some time, they will be in other segments like doors, veneers, and laminates. The sample and promotional kit of plywood starts reaching out to probable dealers of plywood. The tagline of Infra.Market plywood is “Ply mein hai dum”. plywood sample Kit Box
Infra.Market plywood sample kits at dealers

By seeing their marketing of sample kits, one thing is sure they have a big budget for marketing. The sample is coming in a big glass box. How they will perform will be seen later but they are surely giving some competition to Centruy and Green ply. They have launched both commercial (MR plywood) and Boiling waterproof (BWP) plywood. plywood samples

By seeing the sample kit, currently, they are going to launch 8 types of Plywood. Some of the names are

  • Timba 303
  • Timba 710
  • Calibrum
  • Calibrum plus
  • Marinaquadro
  • Marinaquadro Plus

Price of Infra.Market Plywood

We get to know that price of Infra Timba 303 is between 85-90 per sqft. Timba 303 is commercial grade ply with 7 years of Warranty.

The price of plywood is not disclosed to the customer yet. But one thing is sure it will be cheaper than brands like Centuryply and Greenply. They will sell plywood through their store and channel partners.

Infra Market Timba 303 Plywood Pics

The first stock of Infra market plywood starts reaching the dealers at various locations. Here is the pic of the Timba 303 ply we get from a dealer shop.

Infra.Market 1
Infra Market Timba 303

Jobs at starts hiring professionals for their upcoming plywood. You can contact them on their website. They are giving huge packages to experienced sales professionals.

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