Life is all about the timing of your decisions

This is what I experienced in life and conclude in a line “Life is all about the timing of your decisions”. We all went through good and bad patches in our life. Whenever we think about the past we always want to change our past (Especially bad memories) and the decisions we made in the past.

Are we making the wrong Decisions?

Every decision you make today will have an impact on tomorrow. We all make decisions. But whenever wrong has happened we think that our decision is wrong in the past that’s why wrong things happen. But this is not true. There is nothing like a wrong decision. Every decision we make is always right. We never made wrong decisions.

Just consider that you are playing cricket and you are on strike end. Now think life is the bowler. So life is bowling Bouncer, fast, spin and seam everything. So whenever you face a bowl either you play shot or leave. And sometimes try to hit the bowl but can’t able to connect. Now think life is bowling opportunities for you. Now it’s your choice to take these opportunities. So, you have to make a decision. Even if you want to let it go, that too is a decision. Now only the time and future will tell you whether the decisions you make are good or bad. like in cricket the batsman who has good timing of shots consider a good batsman. Similarly, the timing of your decisions decides whether you are good in life or bad.

Life is all about the timing of your confidence

So we must not think about the decision we took in the past. What matters the most is how we want to live our life. Don’t criticize your past for your present. Just focus on your today, and enjoy every moment of your life.

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