Motivational story of a specially-abled Medical representative

Recently I met a specially-abled Medical representative outside of a doctor’s clinic. His story motivates me and will surely be going to motivate you. Please read the full article to learn about him and the struggle he is going through daily.

Me and my wife visited a dentist and her wife went through a minor procedure. And I was waiting outside of the doctor’s room. A medical representative comes and asks me whether a doctor is available inside. By seeing me in formal dress, He thought I was a Medical Rep too. I noticed that that guy only had one hand. He doesn’t have his left hand. I too start my sales career being a Medical representative. So I start the conversation. He said he is fresher and only 4 months in the profession.

Then I asked about his left hand, he said he had an accident when he was 12 years old. A medical rep’s job is to meet the different doctors at different locations. For that, they must have their vehicle with a valid license. Preferably a scooter or a bike or car. To my surprise when I asked him how he managed to drive a bike or scooter he said “He rides a bicycle”. He has a smile on his face in the entire conversation. Which I liked the most about him.

This is how the life is. There are many things that we can’t change. Most people blame their parents, environment, or God for their failures. People commit suicide just because they failed in life. “Kota, Rajasthan” is a great example of this. The burden of performance does not let them see life as it is. There is nothing greater than Life.

And there are few like this Medical Representative. Always smiling at life. No blame to God or life. Just enjoyed it the way it was.

Recently I saw a movie called “12th Fail” on Hotstar. The same thing applies to that film. Everyone needs motivation. A small motivation sometimes does a miracle. And a smile is the most contagious thing in the world. Keep smiling whenever you see a stranger.

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