Now enjoy QR Code based Ticketing at Delhi Metro

First-time DMRC introduces QR code based Ticketing at Delhi Metro. The Delhi metro QR- Code based Paper ticketing starts on 8th May 2022. Now we can buy QR code-based tickets from Delhi Metro stations. Earlier commuters have to purchase the Delhi Metro tokens to travel by Metro. Now they have the option to buy QR-Code parer tickets. I’m sure that this new ticketing method saves the time of Delhi Metro’s daily passengers.

Commuters can buy QR Code paper tickets at every Metro station. For that Delhi Metro upgrade its Automatic fare collection (AFC) on every station. They put the AFC machine at the entry and exit of the Delhi Metro. Soon Delhi Metro introduce Mobile based QR code tickets to save time and also save paper.

How to use a QR code Based ticketing at Delhi metro

  • Passengers have to purchase a QR code-based paper ticket at the entry of the station. Please remember it is non-refundable and you have to enter from the same station.
  • If revenue service fails the refund will be initiated from the Delhi Metro.
  • After buying the QR code based ticketing at Delhi metro you have to enter within 60 min of purchase.
  • If you fail to enter within 60 min the ticket will become invalid. After that you will not be allowed to travel nor a refund will be given.
  • Only one station to another station QR code Ticket will be issued till now.
  • If you want to exit before the destination for which you buy a QR ticket, you are given a free exit ticket and the QR code ticket will be taken by customer care.
  • Passengers must have to carry the QR code-based paper ticket for the Delhi metro, with no phone image consider valid. You will be treated without a ticket.

All this information is given by Mr. Anuj Dayal, Principle Executive Director, of DMRC.

Delhi Metro is one of the busiest Metro in the world. Millions of people traveled in Delhi Metro on a daily basis. With this new QR code ticketing service, Delhi Metro upgrade itself.

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