Reliance Mega Mart at Old Faridabad Metro station

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Mega Mart along with Reliance Digital and Trends. Reliance is focusing on opening a new store at different locations in India. The new store will help in the growth of the company. It also benefits consumers as they don’t need to go far for Reliance stores. With the new opening of stores, new jobs will be created. Soon while you are traveling to Metro, you can get your household items at this new Reliance Smart Bazar Hypermarket. We think it is the best utilization of that space. Reliance is very confident of the upcoming Reliance mega mart. The New Reliance Mart is now operational at Old Faridabad Metro Station.

Reliance Digital and Trends have started operating at Old Faridabad metro station. They are getting good consumer footfall. The Reliance Mart will be called Smart Bazaar.

reliance digital and trends at Old Faridabad Metro station

Reliance Mega Mart at Old Faridabad Metro station

Reliance Mega store is coming to The Old Faridabad Metro station, Faridabad. As we know, much space is available under the Metro Station. We already know the metro runs underground or above the roads. So the Metro station is made upstairs wherever the Metro is above the Ground. The space under the Metro station has been vacant for many years. Now the DMRC is planning a sell or rent out the free space. Reliance has purchased the space of Old Faridabad Metro station. The Reliance store (Smart Bazar) has been operational at Faridabad Metro Station since August 2023.

Old Faridabad Metro station

Specs of New Reliance Mega mart

The Reliance Smart Hypermarket is divided into 3 parts. The smallest section is for Trends. Then Reliance Digital is in the middle and the biggest section is for consumer goods.

Cons. of a new store at Metro station

Old Faridabad metro station is at Delhi Agra Highway. The main problem consumers will face is parking space. As there are only a few cars can be parked. One side of the store is the service road. For parking inside the Metro station, you need to pay Rs 30/-. The parking fee will be waived if you shop for Rs. 500/- or more from Smart Bazaar.

Who will benefit?

The use of online shopping has increased. To deliver the product you need to have more numbers of stores. So whenever an order is booked, that will be supplied by nearby stores. The shoppers from Sector 16, Sector 15, Sector 14, and Sector 17, and nearby localities have the best use of Reliance Smart. With this upcoming Reliance Smart store the load over Crown Initionrs Mall will be decreased. Which is very good. On the weekends and festivals, there is a huge rush we witness many times.

Biggest Reliance Mega Mart at Faridabad City

Reliance Mega Mart is a well-known name in Faridabad. Faridabad City’s biggest Reliance store is at Crown Intirior Mall. The Crown Intirior Mall is situated near to Badarpur Faridabad border. A lot of crowd from Delhi come to visit Crown Intirior Mall as there is no Bill Mall near Badarpur in Delhi.

Where to order online from Reliance Mega Store

You can order grocery items on Jio Mart and get them with super fast delivery. For Trends Wear you need to order on the AJIO website.

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