Sapne vs Everyone: The story of every sales guy

Watch Sapne vs Everyone on YouTube if you have ever worked in sales. TVF brings another masterpiece on OTT. I wonder how they can bring stories that we can relate to. TVF gives tough competition to Netflix, Prime Video Disney+, and other OTT platforms. Ambrish Verma did a great job as an actor, a director, and a writer as well. Paramvir Cheema is a very versatile actor. We have seen him Chamak, Ishqyapa, Tabbar, and “Jeet ki Zid”.

Story of Sapne vs Everyone

Sapne vs Everyone has two lead characters. One works in property sales but wants to become the number one actor in the world. The other one wants to take revenge on his uncle who was a big property dealer. Both are different but have some similarities. Different people chase the same dreams in different ways, a grey area to decide, real-life problems, dilemmas in Indian families, and respect and love for art.

Sapne vs Everyone shoots in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. The typical Gurgaon language has been used in the web series. The most common abusive words in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Haryana make it more interesting. Paramvir Cheema surely goes long in the entertainment industry. We will soon see him in many more series and maybe in Bollywood films.

Ambrish Verma has got so many fans following after the NCR Days but after the success of Sapne vs Everyone, he was the talk of town. His acting was awesome and he is a very creative Director and writer also.

The cast of Sapne vs Everyone

  • Ambrish Verma as Jimmy Mehta
  • Paramvir Cheema as Prashant Narula
  • Naveen Kasturia as Sumit Sir
  • Vijayant Kohli as Kukreja
  • Vaisakh Shankar as Shishir
  • Jairoop Jeevan as Pandit Ji
  • Sukhwinder Chahal as Grover
  • Eklavey Kashyap as Samarth
  • Manjeet Malik as Dagar

And many more. The great thing about the series is that even the small characters leave a big impact. Be it Shishir, Grover Uncle, or Samarth, all have done a great job.

The final episode of Sapne vs Everyone

The final episode was released on YouTube on 12th January. In the first scene, Kukreja goes to Jimmy’s house with his bodyguards. Where he and Dagar Slapped Jimmy’s father several times. This scene will make you angry. But a perfect revenge by Jimmy in the end. Prasant character too gets offensive in the end, he beats Samrath with his belt.

The dialogue I like the most is when Prasant said “Bravery is not about beating someone, but get up whenever life sucks you. Always a step forward for your dream.” “Kahan se aate hai ye Sapne”

Sapne vs Everyone and the Sales Job Connection

The TVF team of Sapne vs Everyone portrays the Job of a Salesman quite well. Every Sales Man can relate it to himself. The team shows the difficulty of a salesman he faces in his work. Prasant doesn’t want to work in sales but he has to help his family. He compromised his dream. He was not good in sales as he spoke the truth frequently.

People come to sales by chance only. We want to become Doctors and engineers, but No one wants to become a salesman. Most of us went into sales because of some reason compulsion. Salesman jobs are easy to start with your career. Once you get into sales it is difficult to quit and go to another job.


This series is not a joke but a reality of countless dreamers who are fighting their own battles. As I had commented in the Episode 3 as well. The last lines narrated by both Prashant Narula And Naveen Kasturia made me emotional. I am in a similar phase as Prashant Narula and I know many will be in a similar phase as Jimmy as well. I know every middle class could relate to every instance and moment of this series very closely.

If you haven’t watched it, watch it before others.

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