Story of lost cattle and a fine of 11000

This may sound weird but a man who lost his cattle a few days ago was fined by the Municipal corporation. I met the person who told me about the story of his cattle. Initially, I thought he was joking. But then he shows the paper to submit the fine amount. I’m surprised and wanted to know his story. In this article, we told you the full story of that man.

Cattle Story

I recently visited a Common Service center also called Atal Seva Kendra. Where I met a person. He was about 50 years old with a beard on his face. By looking at his face anyone can assume that he is sad. I was sitting near the counter when he inquired about where to submit the fine. The person sitting inside asked about what kind of fine. Then he replied about his cattle. Well, lunchtime is near so the official person told him to wait for half an hour.

I was eager to know about him and his problem. He went outside I followed him. Then I say hello sir, what happen to your cattle? Why are you here? And the conversion starts.

He said “I’m a milkman and I have few cattle like Cow and buffalos. Yesterday morning I find out that my cow is missing. I thought she may outside or nearby. So I went near to my house to find her. But after looking for hours I didn’t find my cow. After the afternoon I went to the Municipal corporation office as someone told me that sometimes they took the cattle.

I reach there and inquire about my cow. Then they took me to the place where they kept stray cattle. I saw my cow there and pointed to her. The person then replied, “Ok, you have to pay the fine then only you take your cow.” And I said, “Why”? Why should I have to pay for my cow? That person smiled and replied, “Come with me I tell you why?” There is a law for such cases.

Stray Cattle Law

The stray cattle law said there is a fine of 5000-10000 per day if they find someone’s cow or buffalo on the road. The amount of fine may vary from different states and corporations. The cow owner said “I don’t know about such a law, there are many cows seen on the road roaming around. The corporation hardly caught them. But when they realize that the cow has an owner they are caught.” I have so many expenses but now I have to pay a fine.

The cow owner was right I have seen many cows eating plastic waste and roaming around. Sometimes sitting on the road as well. It’s easy to find out whether a cow has an owner or not. Thanks to the Insurance. Nowadays cattle owners have the facility to cover them with Insurance. The Insurance company put a tag on the ear of the Insured cows.

Another side of the story

There is nothing wrong with putting a fine in such cases. But when you selectively caught insured cattle that make the problem. If the municipal corporation is serious about this, there will be no animals on the road. But they make difficulties for the common man. The law is always for the poor and middle class. There is no action on the Municipal corporations for their corruption. Government should motivate the farmers and animal owners.

This is the story of most of Govermantr run services. The same story is with a Police Department, Agriculture, Electricity, and many others. They use law and their power by seeing the poor and middle-class people.

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