The City of Dreams Season 3: Best Review and Cast

The City of Dreams Season 3 comes with a lot of expectations. Seasons 1 and 2 of City of Dreams bring some amazing dirty political games. Season 3 has the same cat-and-mouse game of politics. The will for power and position. The friendship and betrayal at the same time, the happiness and sorrow. It’s difficult to judge who is wrong or right. The web series is genuinely inspired by the politics we witnessed last few years. Like -The MLAs are taken to resorts. The betrayal from the most trusted person. How political parties influence News Agencies and many more.

The City of Dreams Season 3 episode 1

In the last episode of Season 2, the son of Purnima Gaikwad is got killed in a bomb blast. The blast is plotted by Purnima’s father Ameya Gaikwad aka “Saheb”. The Story of Season 3 starts from there. Purnima left politics and run away without telling anyone. Sahib becomes Chief Minister of Maharashtra again. Now “Saheb” realize that there is no one remaining in his family to take forward his legacy and politics. So he called Wasim Khan to find and bring back Purnima Gaikwad. Wasim get to know that Purnima went to Malaysia. So he went to Malaysia and bring Purnima back to India and politics.

Best and Worst of The City of Dreams Season 3

The first 2 episodes of City of Dreams season 3 are boring and slow. There is no need to stretch it for 2 episodes. But once Purnima is back, the story is back on track and the game begins.

The daughter-father duo gets patched up. Purnima again becomes the CM of Maharastra. He protects the party and father from Vibha. Vibha wants to ruin “Saheb” and took revenge. 

New characters Danny, and Angie’s love story brings some fresh romance. Danny is a food delivery guy, who delivers drugs and Angie is a Sikkim girl who works as a receptionist. Atul Kulkarni is best in such roles. He is an amazing actor. Priya Bapat again looks beautiful and strong as a CM.

Roadies fame Runvijay also played a role of a billionaire. Who has a news agency? Girish Sharam as Katurinath did well again as a News Achor. The character perfectly describes today’s journalism and is inspired by Arnab Goswami.

At the end of season 3 Purnima conspires to kill his father Ameya Gaikwad. Which is quite unexpected. In season 1, Purnima killed his brother with the help of Wasim Khan. In season 2 Purnima’s son is accidentally killed by Saheb. And in Season Three Purnima killed his father Ameya.

The cast of City of Dreams Season 3

Priya BapatPurnima Gaikwad
Atul KulkarniAmeya Rao Gaikwad
Eijaj KhanWasim Khan
Sachin PilgoankarJagdish Gurav
Divya Seth ShahVibha Dungarpur
Manila PradhanAngie
Tejas RautDanny
Girish SharmaKasturinath Anchor
Sushant Singh Jagan
Saurav Goyal Kaushik Amre
Flora SainiAsha
Ali AsgarKhanna

Overall in the 9 episodes of City of Dreams Season 3, the first 2 episodes are worthless to watch. Start watching episode 3 directly. All three seasons are available on Hotstar.

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