Top 7 Korean web series on Jio Cinema

If you are unsure what to watch on TV, here are the top 7 Korean Web series on Jio Cinema in Hindi. The best thing about watching them on Jio Cinema is that you don’t need to pay for a subscription. They are free to watch. Hollywood movies are famous all around the world. Now many Hollywood movies are released in multiple languages to get the attention of the masses. The Korean Film and television industry also produces some amazing movies and web series. The best part is that we can watch it in our local language as well. The only difficulty in watching Korean cinema is that their name is difficult to remember.

The best thing about Jio Cinema is that you can watch IPL (Indian Premier League) for free on Jio Cinema. You can watch it on all networks. You can also download the Jio Cinema App on your Smart TV. The Korean web series on Jio Cinema is going to entertain you for sure.

List of Best 7 Korean Web Series on Jio Cinema

Flower of Evil

This suspense, mystery series can take your mind away. The Lead character of “Flower of Evil” is played by Lee Joon-Gi, Moon Chae-Won, and Seo Hyon-woo. The Flower Evil has got 32 episodes 30 minutes each. The Story is about a Husband hiding his bad past, changing his identity, and marrying a woman. Who suspects something wrong with his husband and starts investigating it. The husband tries his best to hide his past. The series has a U/A 13+ certificate from the sensor board. The “Flower of Evil” has got an IDMb rating of 8.7. This is season 1 another season 2 is also in the making.

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

This Korean Fantasy love story makes us feel good. The story is about a 939-year-old guardian of souls, and his quest for a girl to marry. He meets a girl but she has a tragic past. The lead characters are played by Yoo Gong, Go-eun Kim, and Dong-Wook Lee. The Goblin has a total of 42 episodes in season 1. The series has an IDMb rating of 8.6 and a U/A 13+ certificate from the censor board.

Prison Playbook

This series has got everything ( Comedy, Drama, Suspense ). The cast of the “Prison Playbook” is Park Hae-soo, Jung Kyung-ho, Jung Soo-Jung, Jung Hae-in, and JUng Woong-in. All 32 episodes of “Prison Playbook” are full of Drama and Comedy. The story is about a Baseball who is about to join a big club in the US. But just before he was arrested by the police to save his sister from an assault. The series has an IDMb rating of 8.5 and a U/A 13+ certificate from the sensor board.

Kill Me Heal Me

With an IMDb rating of 8.3, “Kill Me Heal Me” is a story for love birds. It is full of romance. The story roams around a wealthy man’s son who has 7 personalities and his psychiatrist. The series has 40 episodes of season 1.


This Korean crime investigation series put you on your toes. You just can’t take your eyes off the screen. The story is about some bad criminals and best-investigating officers. The IDMb rating is 8.0, with a U/A 13+ certificate. I love thrillers and suspense and this one met my requirement.


This Korean Fantasy thriller is so gripping that you don’t want to miss even an episode. The hero got a call from a girl’s number and later found out that the girl was in the past. The difference in their living time is one month. They only call and connect with each other at 10:33 pm for a minute only. The lead characters are played by Seong-rok Sin, Se-yeong Lee, and Ahn Bo-Hyun.

Extra-Ordinary You

This Romance Korean web series is another gem. Story of a high school girl, and his struggle to change his fate. Extra Ordinary you has got 7.8 stars on IMDb and a U/A 13+ certificate from the sensor board. Kim Hye-Yoon, Ro-Woon Kim, and Jae-Wook Lee are in the lead roles in the series.

Another good thing about Jio Cinema is that you can also watch it on the web. These are the list of Korean web series on Jio Cinema.

Besides the above-mentioned K-drama on Jio Cinema, you can also watch the following Korean web series on Jio Cinema in Hindi Language.

  • Save Me 2
  • Two Cops
  • The Game: Towards Zero

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Things to remember while watching Korean series

  • Take a notebook to remember the names of the characters
  • Watch at least 5 to 10 episodes in a single go.
  • Faces also seem similar to each other.

These Korean web series on Jio Cinema are absolutely mind-blowing to watch especially in Hindi. National Film Awards 2023 winners complete list. You can also watch Amazon Mini TV for these best web series.

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