True Review of Kaalkoot web series on Jio Cinema

Here is The true review of Kaalkoot web series streaming free on Jio Cinema since 27 July. It’s a suspense, crime, drama, thriller web series on Jio Cinema. The first 2 episodes are streaming on their debut. Every day they stream new episodes. A total of 8 episodes are there in the “Kaalkoot FIR ke Kaale Panne”. Let’s have a look into the performance, the story, and the review of Kaalkoot. Vijay Varma, Shewta Tripathi, Yashpal Sharma, and Gopal Dutt are in the lead roles.

After watching the web series Kaalkoot we recommend watching it. The climax of the Kaalkoot series is very suspenseful and different. Vijay Varma comes as Hero in the Kaalkoot at the end of the series. Excellent work by Vijay Varma in Kaalkoot.

Story of Kaalkoot

The web series is based in Uttar Pradesh. Vijay Verma who plays the Sub Inspector (SI) Ravi Shankar Tripathi wants to resign as he isn’t able to cope with his department. The day he wants to resign. an acid attack case comes to the police station. Gopal Dutt plays as SHO of that police station. Vijay Varma finds that the acid attack victim (Shewta Tripathi) is the same girl whose photo comes to his house for marriage. Vijay Verma starts investigating the case. The SHO questions the character of the girl. 

Let’s wait for the upcoming episodes to find out the full story. Kaalkoot gets a 8.6 star on IDMb. This is the second web series after Mirzapur 2 for Vijay Varma and Sweta Tripathi where they work together.

Episodes in Kaalkoot

There are a total of 9 episodes in Kaalkoot. The final episode will stream on 2 August. The first 3 episodes seem to be boring sometimes. The Story catch up in the 4 and 5 episodes of Kaalkoot.

The character of Vijay Verma as Sub Inspector Tripathi grows up in episode no 6 of Kaalkoot. Where he starts speaking and resists his superior SHO Gopal Dutt.

Please remember it is for 16+ years. Don't watch it with children and family with a loud noise. As there are full of abusive language used.

Review of Kaalkoot Performance 

There is only one amazing performance. Honestly speaking Verma Veama’s character as Ravi Shakar Tripathi looks confused. Even I don’t understand his character in the first episodes. Sometimes he looks Shy, sometimes it looks a coward. Gopal Dutt stuns me as SHO Jagdish, a corrupt and typical Policeman in India. This is the best performance of Gopal Dutt for me. I’m a big fan of his comic timing. But he used abusive language very well in the Kaalkoot TV series. Yashpal Sharma does well with his sporting role as a constable. Shewta Tripati won’t get much screen in the entire series of Kaalkoot on Jio Cinema.

Why should you watch Kaalkoot?

You should watch Kaalkoot if you love to watch Suspense and Thriller. The acting and performance are very good by all the actors in the Kaalkoot. Especially Vijay Varma and Gopal Dutt they both have done some amazing performances. The story looks confused in the beginning but in the climax they fulfill it. This is the true review of Kaalkoot.

There are a few amazing Korean dramas available on Jio Cinema.

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