Viral Video: Brave citizen uniquely confronts a crocodile

A crocodile looks good in a cage or pond far from us. But if they come to your house without an invitation. What will be your first reaction? A viral video shared on social media platform X shows something like that. The video was shared by X user @Figen.

Video of Crocodile

In the video, a person is seen uniquely capturing the crocodile. He uses his dustbin to capture it. The crocodile tries to attack the person but the person smartly puts the bin in front of him and forces the crocodile to go inside the bin. After that, he took it to the nearby pond. Where he releases it and leaves. The people watch and shoot the entire incident. The video is said to be from Florida, United States. A quite of such videos come from the US. We have seen snakes, even anacondas also.

Most of the time they capture animals and return in the wild. But this is too dangerous to live especially if you are living with children. Here is the video.

I have seen videos in which a panther comes to a village. They captured and killed them.

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