Viral Video: Novak Djokovic Playing Cricket with Steve Smith

The pride of Serbia Novak Djokovic playing cricket at the Australian Open Court in Melbourne. He is up against the star of the Australian Cricket team Steve Smith. The Video of Novak Djokovic playing cricket in the Australian Open tennis went viral. The video has become the most loved video of 2024.

Steve Smith Forhand to Novak Djokovic

Steve Smith also tried his hand at tennis as well. Novak Djokovic serves the ball in at the Australian Open grand slam to Steve Smith. And Smith did great in return for the serve. Which amazes Djokovic and he salutes Steve Smith. Smith will now open for Australia after the retirement of David Warner. Here is the video of Smith Playing tennis.

Steve Smith Playing Tennis with Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic Playing Cricket

Novak tries his hand in Cricket. He misses the first bowl with the cricket bat. So he took his tennis racket and smashed the bowl in the crowd. The crowd at the Australian Open loves that. Djokovic is the GOAT of the tennis world. Here is the video on X in which Djokovic is playing cricket.

Novak Djokovic is Playing Cricket at the Australian Open Grand Slam 2024.
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