Walker Scobell: The Story of a Rising Star

Walker Scobell starer Percy Jackson and the Olympians start streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. After seeing Percy Jackson many start wondering about the young guy Walker Scobell and who he is. In this article, we went through the story of that rising star from Hollywood.

Early Life

In 2009, Walker Scobell was born to Heather and Pate Scobell in Colorado, United States. At an early age, he started attending drama classes. He also participates in school drama. His parents supported and encouraged him well.

Movies by Walker Scobell

In 2020 Walker gets his first break in Netflix’s Adam Project. The Movie was released in 2022. In the Adam Project, he plays the role of young Adam with the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, and Jennifer Garner.

His second movie was Seceret Headquater as Charlie Kincaid, which was released in 2022 as well. Percy Jackson and the Olympians was 3rd big project for Walker Scobell.

Upcoming Projects

He will also feature in Directer Roberto Sneider’s Blood Knot hopefully in 2024.

Hopefully, we will see more movies and series from Walker Scobell in the Future. He is a very gifted child, his parents are proud of him. He has a large number of followers on Social Media. Though it was very early to predict his future as a young actor he is surely going to see in more number of films. His role as Percy Jackson is already in large talk among audiences. He is going to be a universal now.

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