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Vijay Sharam

Best 7 Korean Web Series on Hotstar in Hindi

Investigation, crime, and Drama series. The story is about a young lawyer whose fee is just one dollar.

1. One Dollar Lawyer

Cop Drama, Crime Series. Watch out for how a police station and fire station come together to save people.

2. The First Responders

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3. Big Mouth

Detective and Investigation series. How a lawyer fights against conspiracy against him and survives.

4. Adams

Drama, Mystery, Investigation. Twenty-two years twin brothers unfold the mystery to discover the conspiracy against their father

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5. Crazy Love

Comedy, Romance, and Drama Series. The story is about a CEO, his secretary, and their secrets.

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6. Bloody Heart

Family, Politics, Romance, and Drama series. The political Drama between two  romantic lovers.

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7. Golden Spoon

Family, Drama, Romance, and Feel Good series. A young poor guy gets the chance to become rich

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