What is edge band tape, and their uses

Another useful product that is used in making furniture is Edge band tape. Their uses may be minor but they are essential to be used. Finishing is the most crucial part of any artwork. Making furniture is also an art done by carpenters. While making any furniture finishing is the most important thing. I worked in a plywood company for many years. I have seen the uses of Edgebanding tapes. Edgebanding tape is used everywhere be it HDHMR or Plywood.

Edgeband tape uses

Edgebanding tapes are PVC tapes that cover plywood edges in making furniture. The purpose of hiding the plywood edge with edge band tape is to conceal the raw plywood. The PVC edgebanding tapes are waterproof and termite-proof. Before the edge band tapes, the carpenter uses Laminates or Sunmica to hide the edges. They are made up of Poly Vinayle Chloride (PVC). So, they are flexible and can be bent easily. They can be pasted with adhesive easily.

Colors of EdgeBand tape

Most of the Edgebanding tape is available in solid colors. They are also available in fabric. Rehau is one of the premium manufacturers of Edgeband tape in north India. E3 is also a good brand in edge-band tape. There are many local manufacturers of these tapes available in the market.

Edge Band tape in solid colors

4Edge PVC Edge band tape
4EDGE PVC Edgeband

Edgeband tape is an essential part of furniture, but its uses are minimal.

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