Which is better in Boilo vs HDHMR Board?

The hottest debate of today’s interior market is what to consider in Boilo vs HDHMR Board. Action Tesa is the pioneer company in the HDHMR market. Action Tesa also brings another strong product in the plywood and HDHMR market called “Boilo”. With Boilo Action Tesa makes a strong presence in the HDHMR market. Recently Green Ply launched its’ Boilo competitor.

The plywood market is dominated by Century ply, and Green ply. They both are manufacturer of commercial and water-proof plywood. Let’s find out in Boilo vs HDHMR which is better.

What is HDHMR Board

HDHMR stands for High Density High Moiture resistant board. These board are upgraded version of MDF (Medium Dencity Fiber) Board. It is made by compressing wood fibers with a high-density resin under high pressure and temperature, resulting in a dense and durable panel resistant to moisture and humidity. HDHMR is said to be an alternative of Plywood. All big companies are making and selling the HDHMR board with different brand name.

Pros of HDHMR

  1. HDHMR Board are cost effective.
  2. HDHMR comes with pre-laminated. No need to buy laminates.
  3. HDHMR board are borer and Termite resistant
  4. HDHMR board are water resistant
  5. Time saving with prelaminated feature.
  6. High Density

Cons of HDHMR

  1. No water or termite proof
  2. Only 5 to 8 years of warranty

What is Boilo

Boilo is an upgraded version of HDHMR Board. Action Tesa launched this product to cater with WPC board and water-proof plywood. The dencity of Boilo is 1000 kg/m3. Which is far higher than HDHMR. It comes in dark grey colour. Besides standard 8*4 size is also available in 8*6 size (12mm).

Pro of Boilo

  1. Boilo is a BWP (Boiling Water Proof) board.
  2. Boilo is Borer and termite-proof
  3. Boilo has fire retardant property with IS:5509 standard
  4. Comes with 25 years of warranty
  5. Higher strength and smooth surface

Cons of Boilo

The main cons of Boilo is the price. It is too expensive. In the price, it can be compared with WPC or PVC board.

Area of Application

Boilo board can be used in kitchen, wardrobe, Vanity, Toilet cubicles and bathroom partition. With its higher density and strength, it can be on the Truck floor, container floor, Bus floor, or load-bearing areas. Boilo provides better versatility than HDHMR.

Boilo vs HDHMR

In Boilo vs HDHMR, Boilo is a much better product than the HDHMR board. The only thing that went against Boilo was the price. If you compare it to plywood or HDHMR board, Boilo is an expansive product. The good quality HDHMR board from the big brands like Green, Century are available in a range of 80/- to 100/- rs for 18 mm. Whereas Boilo is available at a price of 170/- to 190/- rs for 18mm. It almost double your budget.

There is no doubt that Boilo or HDHMR is the future of furniture. It will slowly decrease the use of plywood in the segment. That was the reason why all the big companies are making this product.

Boilo can easily replaces the uses of WPC board in the market. They both have same price range. But Boilo has better density than WPC board.

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