Which is better in HDHMR vs Plywood? The Truth

HDHMR vs Plywood – In this article, you will find which is a superior product in terms of usage. I met carpenters, builders, and plywood dealers daily as I worked in a renowned plywood company. I have experience of more than 4 years in the plywood industry.

Making a dream home is not a cakewalk. First, you need property. People work their all life to buy a single property. Second, the rise in construction material makes it more difficult for lower and middle-class people (The business class has no problem at all). The major portion of the interior is going to the furniture you make. So, we must spend time deciding what kind of material we required. Nowadays most Modular Kitchen or furniture markers use HDHMR board.

Currently, HDHMR becomes a popular product in furniture making. There are so many articles available on the internet which are praising HDHMR as termite-proof material. But I find out all the articles praising HDHMR are from the Furniture maker’s websites. This article unveils the truth about HDHMR boards. By reading the article you will be clear about the material you gonna choose. 

What is HDHMR Board

HDHMR stands for High-Density High Moisture Resistant, which is a type of engineered wood product that is commonly used in construction and furniture manufacturing. It is made by compressing wood fibers with a high-density resin under high pressure and temperature, resulting in a dense and durable panel resistant to moisture and humidity. We can also say that it is the upgraded version of MDF (Medium Density Fibre).

Action Tesa is the company first to launch the HDHMR in Indian Market. Now GreenPanel, Century Ply, Archid, Kajaria Ply, Pioneer, Cross Bond, and many companies are selling it. But Action Tesa is the number one company in the HDHMR segment. Initially Action Tesa get no success but with time and especially after the Covid-19 wave, the HDHMR board start selling like nothing. Many local companies start importing HDHMR boards from China.

Sample of Action Tesa and Green HDHMR boards

HDHMR boards are available in various thicknesses, like 4mm to 18mm. HDHMR boards are also available for doors of greater thickness. HDHMR doors are good for CNC carving and making a design on it. But they need Duco Paint which is a little bit costlier.

Is HDHMR boards termite-proof and Waterproof?

No. HDHMR boards are only termite-resistant boards (No termite-proof). They are water resistant (No waterproof). But when you go to a plywood dealer they say “HDHMR is a waterproof and termite-proof product). No big brands like Green, Century Ply, or Action Tessa endorsed this. There are instances when the company rejects the warranty claim by saying that they never said that HDHMR is waterproof and termite-proof. The HDHMR doors are also moisture-resistant and termite resistant. The HDHMR boards come with 5 to 10 years of moisture-resistant and termite-resistant warranty.

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What is plywood – 

Plywood is an evergreen versatile product. It is made by compressing a few thin sheets of veneer wood having a thickness of 2-3mm together like a sandwich. These thin sheets are made up of wood. After compressing these thin sheets of veneer paste both sides of the plywood.

Ply sample

There are two main types of plywood available in the market. One is commercial and the other is waterproof. Commercial plywood is also known as Moisture Resistant (MR) plywood. 

Commercial or MR ply

The commercial is also known as Moisture resistant ply. They are the highest selling in the plywood segment as they are cheap compared to waterproof ply.

BWP Ply ( Boiling Water Proof)

Generally IS 710 term is used for Waterproof ply. They are made by adding a certain chemical to make them waterproof. Boiling waterproof doesn’t mean that ply should be dipped in boiling water forever. But to check the quality of ply this thing comes.

What is Board –

The board is generally lighter than ply. They are made by making a frame of Timber (Pine or other) and filling it with battens of hardwood and pine. Boards are used as shutters. Good carpenters have used it because the chances of bending in the Board are very less as compared to Plywood and HDHMR boards. During the making of boards, there is a small gap left while filling the buttons in the frame of the board. So during the contraction or expansion due to temperature or moisture. The board won’t bend. Secondly, they are lighter than plywood and HDHMR boards, So easy for hinges to hold the weight.

Ply Board sample

Flush doors –

Flush doors are made like Board, the only difference is the thickness. Generally, Flush doors are available from 28mm to 40mm (Even greater thickness). 

Is Plywood waterproof and termite-proof? 

Yes, there are many ply brands available in the market which are waterproof and termite-proof. Many ply products come with a lifetime warranty. A big company like Century Ply, and Green uses special chemicals to make plywood termite-proof and waterproof. The Century ply also patents his formulation. The term IS 710 is used for waterproof ply also called BWP (Boiling waterproof) grade.

HDHMR vs Plywood – Comparison table

HDHMR BoardWaterproof Plywood
Made from waste Material Made from wood
Moisture Resistant & Termite ResistantAvailable as Water Proof & Termite Proof
Warranty up to 10 YearsWarranty up to 30 Years
Warranty up to 10 YearsTried, and tested product
Limited usageVersatile and can be used anywhere
Price 85/- to 100/- (for 18mm)Price 85/- to 155/- (for 18mm) for branded ply

Why you should buy HDHMR Board?

If you want a decorative design you can use HDHMR board instead of MDF. But use it in dry areas of your home or office. You can also use it in wall paneling. If you’re making a home to rent it out then you can use it. You can use it in CNC design.

Can we use HDHMR in Wardrobe?

HDHMR has high density but is not termite-proof or waterproof. Wardrobes are more susceptible to termites as they fix in one place. Particularly from the back side of the wardrobe chance of getting damaged from termite and moisture are higher. It is better to use waterproof ply in the wardrobe for longer durability.

Why you should not buy HDHMR Board?

If you are buying HDHMR Board because you think it is Termite resistant and water resistant then don’t buy it. Don’t use it for your kitchen and wardrobe. Also, don’t make a shutter if its chances of bending are high.

The debate on HDHMR vs Plywood never went to an end. Most of the Interior and modular kitchen companies are using it to reduce cost and get more margin.

HDHMR vs Plywood our conclusion

HDHMR should be used for decorative purposes, especially in 4mm to 6mm. For more robust and more durable furniture our advice is to use commercial or BWP-grade waterproof plywood. Another alternative to plywood is WPC boards, but have some specific applications.

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Is HDHMR board termite proof

No, HDHMR boards are not termite-proof. They are only termite resistant.

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