Why Jaat Community Angry about the INDIA Alliance?

Why Jaat Community Angry about the INDIA alliance? What wrong is happening in parliament? What triggered the anger of Jaat on the INDIA alliance? Is this all for political gain or they are serious? Here is the answer to all the questions.

Jaat Community Angry

As the winter session of parliament has begun, the opposition members have started protesting. Jagdeep Dhankar who is vice president and speaker. He restated a few members of the opposition. This triggers opposition members as there are already a few who were restricted in the past session of parliament. The new day opposition parties protested against the restriction of MPs. But Jagdeep Dhankar rusticated more than 100 MPs in this process.

The BJP passed a few bills in the absence of the INDIA alliance.

What triggers Jaat Community

A TMC MP Mr Kalyan Banergee mimic Jagdeep Dhankar on the stairs of parliament where they are protesting. While many MPs recorded the video including Rahul Gandhi. The same day BJP social Media used that clip and blamed the opposition and Congress party for defaming the Jagdeep Dhakar. Now they have joined with the Jaat Community.

BJP MPs are using this incident to politicize the issue.

Now some handles on X start demanding apologies from the INDIA alliance. They label it as a pity act as Jagdeep Dhankar was an old and respected leader.

On the other hand, TMC MP says he just does this mimicry for fun and mimicry is not a taboo in India.

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