Will India’s Sachin marry Pak Seema Haider?

A few days ago Seema Haider and Sachin Love’s story breaks the internet. They are everywhere be it Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. There are simple love stories that do not talk. But there are exceptional love stories. In the difficult love stories, there is a wall between the cast, religion, and economic differences. But there are some extraordinary Love stories. The extraordinary love stories become the talk of the town. Seema and Sachin’s love story is one such story. The love story of Seema and Sachin reminds us of Gadar, and Veer Zara movies.

Who is Seema Haider?

Seema Haider is a Pakistan nationalist and a mother of four children. See plays PUBG on his phone, where is befriended by Sachin a Indian nationalist. They exchanged their phone numbers and start talking to each other. In the beginning, Seema hides that she is married. But when Sachin shares he is in love with her, she told about her marriage and four children. Initially Sachin hesitate after knowing the truth. But they keep talking to each other.

How Seema Haider comes to India without a visa?

Seema Haider wants to leave her husband in Pakistan and comes to India with her children. Sachin agree to marry and took responsibility for her children. So she sells a property in Pakistan. That gives her 12 lac Pakistani rupees. But the problem is that she can’t apply for a visa to India. She books an economy ticket to Dubai for 6 lac for her and 4 children.

She comes to Kathmandu, Nepal from Dubai. From Nepal, she comes to India by road. She reaches Rabupur, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. As Sachin is an occasional laborer and doesn’t have much money. With his savings, Sachin rents a small flat. And told neighbors that she is her relative. They stay there for 2 months before being investigated and sent to jail.

In between her Husband from Pakistan also send a video mag to the Indian government to send Seema back to Pakistan.

Why this love story is a concern for national security.

There is nothing wrong to be in love and stay together. But Indian intelligence have no idea of a Pakistan nationalist for 2 months. She could be a terrorist and a national threat. It’s a huge lapse for Indian citizens and safety.

After spending a few days in jail both Seema and Sachin are out. Seema said to AajTak in an interview that “She doesn’t want to go to Pakistan, request Yogi Adityanath to let her stay in India with Sachin”. Both Seema and Sachin seem to be happy. Their love story may motivate some more love stories. The love story of Sachin and Seema has become the most viral love story of 2023.

Seema Haider Instagram and Sachin Youtuber

Seema can be a good Instagram influencer. With the coverage and fame they got if she focus on Instagram she can gain followers very quickly. Whereas Sachin can focus on YouTube for earning. A YouTube channel with Seema and Sachin can get many likes and followers. Social Media can help them earn good money online.

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