Worst experience in buying a Baleno car from Nexa.

Having a car is one of the prime dreams of a middle-class family. I bought a New Baleno Car from a Nexa showroom. Here is my experience while buying my dream car. Nexa is the authorized dealer for Baleno Car.

It was December 2022, when my wife and I decided to buy a new car. After a few days of research on the Internet and some showroom visits. We decided to buy a Suzuki Baleno. Now the only thing remaining is which model to buy. We decide to buy the Delta model of Baleno. So before buying I visit a Nexa showroom near my house. 

Nexa showroom visit for Baleno car

I met a salesman for price, discount, and papers. The salesman convinced me to base variant Sigma as it is cheaper by 1 lac. I bargain for a discount. After taking the quotation I wait for 3-4 days to book the car. In between I got many messages and call from that salesman. He said he will provide a few extra accessories free to me. I crosschecked the rate on other Nexa showrooms. They are almost the same. Therefore I decide to buy the nearby showroom of my home. 

Booking of Car

I went to the showroom again and met the salesman to book the car for 11k rupees. I transfer the remaining amount to the dealer in the next few days. 

The delivery Day of the Baleno car

One day before the delivery of the car I called the salesman to ask him the time for delivery. He said to come by 2 o’clock. You just need to sign a few papers, which will only take 1 and a half hours. I reached the Showroom at the given time. The salesman man was busy on that day. But by 4 o’clock we complete all the formalities. He said he is going to wash. And soon delivered. We waited another 1 hour but no update.

I went again to the salesman. This time he said there was a lot of a load of deliveries today. If you want earlier delivery you need to request the person who is in charge of deliveries. So, I went to the delivery person and asked him, he said ok. But still, it took 2 hours. I was very angry at the time, after putting so much of my hard-earned money. They made my request for the car which I already paid for. 

The salesman who made a few commitments of extra free-of-cost accessories, when I asked him for accessories he said currently they are not available. When you come for 1st service he will provide it. Finally, I got the car at 7:30 pm.

Accessories with Baleno car

The salesman also requests I buy at least 25k accessories from the showroom. At the time of booking, I want genuine accessories from Nexa. But when I inquire all the accessories are available outside at a cheaper price. But still, I mark my word and buy 25k accessories. But in the accessories list, I got a 2.5k Ruppes vacuum cleaner for the car which I don’t order. When I refuse to take it he said he will take it back on the first service. I don’t want to create a scene at that time as I want to enjoy myself with my wife, kid, and my Baleno Car.

The unprofessional salesman of Baleno Car

I didn’t get the bill for all the accessories at the time of delivery. The salesman said he will be sent the bill on WhatsApp on next day. But even after 10 days he hasn’t sent any bill. So, I called him he replied that in the next 2 – 3 days he will send it. Again after 3 days, I called him for a bill. He sends the bill to my phone. But when I checked the bill was for 22k not for 25k. So I called him again. This time he said there are a few wrong commitments made to make a customer buy the car. I feel sad when he said that line.

He never called me again for service or just to make his customer pleased

Again same Excuse

During the first service, I called him again at the showroom. But not received my call. After 2 hours I got his call. I again asked for the promise he made to me during car delivery. He said accessories are not available now. He said at the time of RC and Number plate he will provide.

Registration Number installation day

I never received a single call from that salesman after the delivery of the car. He said he will update once the number plate reach the showroom. But he never updates me on anything. I received msg from Nexa Care on my phone. I called the salesman about the same. He said you can come any day. But bring a Number plate cover If you wish to install it (The cover cost is high in the showroom). Therefore I purchased a cover for the number plate. After a few days one Sunday afternoon, I went to the dealership to get installed the number plate.

When I call the salesman after reaching the showroom. He said you need to purchase a cover from the showroom as a rule change. They only installed the cover if purchased from the showroom. I again ask him for accessories, he said “Abhi available nahi hai, aap kisi or din aana“. This time I got angry with him on the phone. I used some words to ashamed him. After that, he comes to me at the showroom. Bring the accessories which he promised and also bring a new cover from the showroom. He said sorry. I always treat him like a brother.

I leave the dealership after the installation of the Number plate. I never call that guy again

My Learning in Purchasing Baleno Car

Salesmen make fake promises to get sales. Don’t trust them easily. Don’t behave with them as a gentlemanly person. A salesman who offers free things is making us a fool. Beware of such people. I regret my decision to buy a Baleno Car from that Salesman.

Get a bill for everything at the time of purchase.

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