Yash Dayal got depressed after 5 Sixes by Rinku

Rinku Singh shattered the dream of Yash Dayal in IPL 2023 with 5 sixes in an over. Yash Dayal paid the price for those sixes. The Gujrat Titans team management won’t give them a chance to Yash Dayal in the next games of IPL 2023. That shocking over from Dayal against KKR was a nightmare. He never forgot this moment. Everyone praises Rinku Singh, but only few know the pain of Yash went through after those sixes.

Yash Dayal Bio

Yash hails from Allahabad Uttar Pradesh. He was born on December 13, 1997. He is just 25 years old. He is a right-arm fast bowler. His line and length are the strength of his bowling. He struggled hard to get the position in Uttar Pradesh Ranji Team. His father and mother support him. His father motivates his son to play cricket.

Yash Dayal at IPL 2023

The IPL 2023 is going well for Yash till the match against KKR. He was doing well for Gujrat Titaens. He was the pick of the bowler for Gujrat with Mohd Shami. Shami and Yash open the bowling attack for Gujrat. His ability to bowl at death overs gives him the chance in the Gujrat Titans team.

In the match against KKR, Gujrat put a good score. Gujrat is winning the match till the 19th over. In the last over KKR needs 29 runs. It is almost impossible to score 29 runs in an over. Yash Dayal bowls the last over. Rinku is on strike in the last over. He has a very good IPL 2023. He hit 5 sixes in that over and win it for KKR.

Sharukh Khan tweet for Rinku

Rinku Singh consoles Yash after the match. Rinku tweets that “He has a feel for Yash”.

Yash Dayal trauma

Yash went for 31 runs in the last over and lost his place for the next games. He has a sleepless night after that match. In a few days, he went into stress and his health deteriorated. He was hospitalized for a few days.

Recently Dainik Bhaskar took the interview of Yash Dayal’s father. In the interview, the father of Yash disclose the trauma which Rinku and his family went through after that match. He says”Mother of Yash cried all night after the match.” Yash lost 8 kg of weight till now after that match.

Yash Dayal’s father interview by Dainik Bhaskar

Cricket and life are unpredictable. A hero can become a Zero and Zero can become a Hero any day. This is how life goes on.

Yash Dayal’s stats at IPL 2023

Yash has played a total of 5 matches in the IPL 2023. He has taken a total of 5 wickets with an economy of 11.82 in these five matches.

Our Msg to Yash Dayal

We know Yash come back stronger in IPL 2024. Remember when Yuvraj Singh hits 6 sixes in an over of Straut Broad? Life and cricket did not get over for Broad. He is still on the England team and getting wickets. Keep motivating yourself with good things and surround yourself with positive people. Today your decision to fight back give your the courage to do more in the coming years.

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